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Helen Wallace
Head of Space and Design
01392 725554

Dave Beavis
Space Manager
01392 724544

Space Management

The main objective for the Space Management Team is to manage information about the estate, analyse and report against this to contribute to the efficient and effective use of this key asset for the University.

The Team is responsible for the allocation and effective utilisation of space across the University campus in order to maximise its use and identify opportunities for efficiency savings. The service holds information such as the size, principal activity and the department to which each space is allocated.  The data held in the space records is used for:

  • Space charging
  • Statistical reporting both within the University and to external bodies
  • Estimating budget costs for projects
  • Departmental planning

Maintaining the space records is of paramount importance to this area and it is incumbent upon Colleges and Services to notify any changes to the size, type or use of a space in order to ensure that these records are as accurate as possible.