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Endowment Funds

The University of Exeter receives donations from alumni, philanthropists, trusts, foundations and supporters, used to support many aspects of university activity across our colleges and campuses, including:

  • Scholarships & Bursaries
  • Academic Posts
  • Research and Student hardship,
  • Sport and Prizes

The endowment portfolio in subdivided into separate funds, each specifically ring-fenced to reflect the terms and purpose of the original gift.

The total value of the endowment funds is currently approx. £50m. The funds are invested to produce an annual return.

University investment policy

The University Investment Policy governs how endowment funds are invested. Aside from setting our financial return objectives, the policy is based on a 'best in class' approach on a basket of environmental, social and governance issues, consistent with the university's values and objectives.

Responsible investing

On a day-to-day basis, Rathbone Greenbank manage our endowment funds. Rathbone Greenbank have an established track record of delivering strong returns based on socially responsible investment methodologies.

Below you can find links to important documents relating to the University’s Investment portfolio composition, exposure to sustainable development themes and carbon metric reports.

Useful links: