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Financial planning and reporting

The University operates a system of devolved financial management. Colleges and Services are supported in this by central Finance Services staff.

There are a number of key financial management activities that take place through the year. These include:

Financial transactions are recorded on the main finance systemT1 (Ci Anywhere) against  a specific month (or period). At the end of each month we operate a structured month end timetable. This is for the following reasons:

  1. For budgetary control purposes, users need to know when data is complete for a period and reports can be run which will not be subject to later amendments.
  2. For VAT purposes, it is vital that there are no late amendments after the VAT return has been prepared.
  3. For financial accounting purposes, the preparation of timely monthly cash flow monitoring and other financial reports relies on a defined cut-off date.

The relevant dates for each month are set out in the month end close down timetable below. 

Month end

Closedown of purchase and

sales ledgers at 5pm

Last working day of month

Period fully closed at 5pm


End of 5th working day

August 2023 Thursday 31st August Thursday 7th September
September 2023 Friday 29th September Friday 6th October
October 2023 Tuesday 31st October Tuesday 7th November
November 2023 Thursday 30th November Thursday 7th December
December 2023 Tuesday 2nd January Monday 8th January
January 2024 Wednesday 31st January Wednesday 7th February
February 2024 Thursday 29th February Thursday 7th March
March 2024 Thursday 28th March Monday 8th April
April 2024 Tuesday 30th April Wednesday 8th May
May 2024 Friday 31st May Friday 7th June
June 2024 Friday 28th June Friday 5th July
July 2024 Covered by year end timetable

In Year Financial Time Table - Key Dates

Annual Budgets are approved at the July meeting of Council for the following year. Throughout the year Budget Centres continually review performance and forecast against these budgets in preparation for periodical reporting to Council. Following approval at VCEG, Council receive a consolidated University position and forecast report, including financial appendices, on four occasions (December, February, April and May)   

Year End Timetable and Procedures

‌‌For help with how to remove unwanted commitments for purchase orders, purchase cards or expense claims, contact the

Staff with other year end queries should contact their local College/Service finance team or raise these on the Finance Services Year End Teams channel.  To be added to the channel, please request this via

Capital planning and approvals are governed by the Capital Management Group (CMG), chaired by the Registrar and Secretary. The group meet regularly between September and June each academic year.

Investment in IT and Equipment operate under delegated authority from CMG to Digital and IT Strategy Board (DITSB), and the Equipment fund.

For information on CMG meeting dates, deadlines, CMG paper requirements and general enquiries in relation to the group please contact the meeting secretary, Pam Navran or alternatively the Business Manager to the Registrar and Secretary, Sophie Hawkes.

Pam Navran telephone number 7607

Sophie Hawkes telephone number 3045

Project procedures for Capital Management Group proposals can be accessed here Capital Investment Group Procedures

Business Cases

Project sponsors wanting to take forward a proposal to CMG for investment will need to produce a business case. Support and guidance on the development of business cases is provided via the Strategic Delivery Unit. Information and templates are available on their webpages

Finance Support for Capital

The Finance Planning and Reporting team provide the following support for Capital

  • Heads of Finance - are the first point of contact for Project sponsors for support in the development and quality assurance of the financial elements of business cases;
  • College/Service Financial Planning and Reporting Team - provide support as business partners to project budget holders in monitoring and forecasting;
  • Capital Accountant - provides support to CMG in the management, financial planning and reporting of the Capital fund, support to Project monitoring boards, guidance on procedures:

In the first instance, please ask your Head of Finance for guidance should you have any queries on the process or what support is available to you.

‌The Planning Process aims to put affordable academic strategy at the heart of planning. Informed by the institutional priorities, Colleges and Services progress their academic strategies in tandem with the development of ambitious but deliverable financial plans.

At three points within the academic year, Planning Review Group scrutinise, challenge and support Colleges and Services in their strategic planning and budgeting, reporting progress and challenges to VCEG throughout the cycle. A final business plan is recommended to VCEG each June, which is then recommended to Council in July.‌ 

The Planning Process

The Planning Process allows the University to align its academic activities, its strategic objectives and its financial resources in a planned and sustainable manner. The Planning Processes pages explain how we help this to happen