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Current Contracts

We have a number of university-wide contracts in place, as listed below. For any research grant funded projects, please contact for guidance before using them.

We're currently in the process of a market engagement exercise in preperation of going out to tender for a stationery contract by the end of the 23/24 academic year. 

All orders can be placed directly with Office Depot via Advanced.

If your delivery has not arrived within the expected timeframe, please contact customer services at Office Depot on or 0844 391 3950.

Items should be delivered directly to your delivery location selected in T1 If you have problems with the service provided by Office Depot please contact

All reservations for commerical vehicle hire must be made with Enterprise Rent-a-Car. This contract covers Streatham, St Luke's and Penryn campuses.

The contract includes:

  • UK vehicle hire - standard passenger cars in a range of makes, models and engine size
  • International vehicle hire
  • UK minibus hire

For car hire that costs under £100 please book your car hire 1-2 days in advance

For vehicle hire that costs over £100 please book your car hire at least 2-3 days in advance as it will require budget approval.

Steps for booking vehicle hire are:

  • Step 1: Login to the Enterprise booking tool. If you require access please contact
  • Step 2: Complete the booking details to get your quote
  • Step 3: Log in to T1 to raise an ad-hoc requisiton
  • Step 4: Complete the requisition and submit for approval
  • Orders under £100 will auto approve and the purchase order number will be available and you can proceed to step 5
  • Orders over £100 will need budget approval once the purchase order has been approved and you can proceed to step 5
  • Step 5: Login to the Enterprise booking tool and re-enter your quote details and add your PO number
  • Step 6: Submit and complete the booking
  • Step 7: Immediately receipt the purchase order in T1 so there is no delay in paying Enterprise’s invoice – guide Receipt a Purchase Order
    If Enterprise’s invoice ends up for more or less than your purchase order, you’ll receive an invoice discrepancy email from T1.  Contact the Finance Helpdesk if you need any assistance to resolve this.

If you are having problems with your vehicle hire service from Enterprise please contact Richard Cooper (Enterprise UoE account manager) on or 0781 369 5541 / 0872 352 4385

If you have any comments, feedback or require additional support please contact

All travel must be booked via Key Travel. 

Registration: If you would like to book travel you will need to complete the Template for Travel Booker Traveller Profile v2 and send the form to who will request your profile to be set up on Key Travel. You will recieve an email once your account has been created.

It is important that the information provided on the traveller profile matches the traveller's passport exactly. Failure to ensure that the online booking tool contains the same information as the passport may result in the traveller being refused permission to travel, for example when boarding flights by airlines.

Staff have three options when booking travel:

  • Self-book: Staff books their own travel
  • Booker: Books both their own travel and travel on behalf of colleagues
  • Traveller: All travel is booked for them by a colleague

It is advisable to download the Key Travel app to your mobile device [go to Google Play Store or Apple equivalent to download for free] as you will receive direct notifications from airlines etc. if a flight is cancelled or redirected to another airport. The app will also give staff affected by disruption/cancellations a direct link to Key Travel's emergency 24/7, 365/366 emergency helpline if their flight booking isn't transferred by their airline to another flight when help is requested by staff as directed by Key Travel. 

For any FAQs please visit the Key Travel FAQ SharePoint site

The university is looking to retender this contract, however if in the interim you are looking to fit out a lab or meeting space please contact and a member of the team will support in running a mini compeititon against a framework agreement. 

This framework agreement covers the purchase of:

  • Desks and chairs
  • Conference rooms
  • Resturants and bars
  • Metal storage
  • Receptions
  • Auditoriums
  • Laboratory funiture
  • Outdoor funiture  

If you are requiring individual and small value items please contact the following:

  • Personal furniture - please contact Occupational Health
  • Office furniture - please contact Estates Services
  • Laboratory furniture - can be sourced via Advanced

The university will shortly be going out to tender for a new IT devices contract. 

Laptop and computer purchases can be made via the following process:

Step 1: Contact Desktop Support via IT Helpdesk with your requirements 

Step 2: If you purchases if fully or partly funded by a grant, you must follow the procurement route as detailed in your grant.  If, for example, your grant advises that you need 3 quotations please advise in your request to the IT Helpdesk that you require 3 quotes.

Step 3: The Desktop Support team will then review your requirements and source the appropriate product

Step 4: Desktop Support will provide you with an unique reference number and quotation (all quotes will be returned if needed to meet your grant requirements. 

Step 5: You will need to raise an ad-hoc request in T1 from the details provided on the quotation including the unique reference number

Step 6: Requisition is submitted and approved and goods delivered