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Setting up and placing orders with new and existing suppliers

University suppliers

All requests to use a new supplier must be checked to ensure they are a genuine and reputable supplier and then their details need to be set up in the T1 finance system.

Use the Supplier Dashboard to check in T1 if your supplier is already registered with the University (see also Supplier Search for guidance on using the dashboard).

Any individual who is to be engaged to conduct work for the University must first go through an assessment process to determine if they should be classed as an employee (and paid with appropriate deductions for income tax and NI) or should be classed as self-employed (and then set up as a supplier in T1 to be paid via purchase order/invoice). This is part of the HMRC's IR35 legislation to combat tax avoidance and is administered by the E-Claims team.

Students wanting to set up a new supplier or amend an existing supplier should ask a member of staff to submit the forms on their behalf.

Purchases made with a University purchase card or via payment forms do not require a supplier to be set up in T1, but these methods should only be used for one-off purchases and/or cost less than £1,000. If either of these types of purchase is to be made to an individual, then follow the E-claims process outlined in Step 1, 'Placing an order with a new supplier'.

Step 1 - If the potential supplier is providing a service or has been enagaged to carry out work for the University, first follow the IR35 determination process.

Step 2 - For all potential suppliers (including those from Step 1 who have been determined as self-employed) complete the External Suppliers Information Request Form.  This can be completed by staff or by the supplier.

Step 3 - Staff should then complete the New/Amended Supplier Application Form, attach the form from Step 2 and submit it.  If any mandatory fields on the form cannot be completed (for example, the supplier does not have a UK bank account), enter NA in those fields.

Once the form has been submitted, the staff member submitting the form will be emailed to confirm acceptance or offered an existing supplier to use as an alternative. 

If accepted, the new supplier's details will activated in T1 and you will receive an email confirming the supplier's T1 number.  This takes around 7-10 working days.

Step 1 – Create your requisition in T1, see Ad Hoc Requisitions Guide‌‌‌. If the supplier has been determined by the HMRC/TR2 process as self-employed for this contract of work:

  • Enter the E-claims outcome reference number from HMRC/TR2 process in the Reference 1 field in the Settings tab of the requisition.
  • Answer the S/E question as ‘Yes’.
  • Use a VAT status of 'Outside Scope' (OS) if the supplier does not charge VAT.

Step 2 - Receipt your purchase order once the goods/services have been received, see Receipting a T1 Purchase Order‌.

Step 3 - Ensure the supplier includes your purchase order number on their invoice and sends it as a pdf to  For full details of acceptable invoice formats, see University of Exeter Supplier Invoicing Requirements.

Step 1 - Complete the External Suppliers Information Request Form. Can be completed by staff or by the supplier.

Step 2 - Request a pdf bank statement (values can be voided out) or paying in slip from the supplier if bank details are being changed. This is to safeguard both parties and ensure the correct bank details are collected.

Step 3 - Staff member should then complete the New/Amended Supplier Application Form, selecting the 'amendment' option.  If any mandatory fields on the form cannot be completed (for example, the supplier does not have a UK bank account), enter NA in those fields.  Upload the completed Suppliers Registration Information and, where appropriate, attach a bank statement/paying in slip onto the form. 

Once amended, you will receive an email confirming the changes have been made in T1.

The University of Exeter Supplier Portal is a secure, web-based portal which enables our suppliers to login and review their supplier account details, check the status of invoices, download remittance advices and request updates to bank details. This Supplier Portal guide provides a high level walk through for the supplier portal and explains how it is structured. ‌

Supplier Queries and Complaints

Staff with queries about how to add or amend suppliers should contact the Finance Helpdesk on 01392 726981 (ext 6981) or email

Suppliers wishing to provide feedback or make a complaint should contact Procurement Operations at who will guide you to the correct team/person.