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Membership and Professional Registration

As an Employer Champion with the Science Council, the University of Exeter is committed to actively promoting and supporting the professional development and recognition of our scientific staff through professional registration, and providing an environment in which registrants are able to uphold their codes of conduct.

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Gatsby believe that “robust set of professional registers for technicians will help to give technician occupations the status they deserve”.  Read more here.  There are also a number of interesting reports available:

  • Formally recognises your previous knowledge and experience.
  • Is linked to you individually, and is transferable between roles and organisations.
  • It demonstrates your commitment to continued professional development and shows you maintain knowledge by keeping up to date in your field of expertise.
  • It is a mutually respected and harmonised level of professional competence and understanding.
  • Is visible to potential employers when you add your level after your name on CVs and address blocks.
  • Is internationally recognised - it assures employers, your team and your customers that you are an accomplished professional.
  • Provide resources that support your membership and registration process, such as time, financial support (for initial membership fees) and a mentoring scheme.
  • Ensure that you have access to continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities which enable you to achieve and retain professional registration.
  • Formally recognise our technical staff who have achieved professional registration.
  • Embed professional registration within our recruitment processes, and use of our Technical Staff Structured Development Framework in personal development planning.
  • Have clear policies and procedures that give confidence that our staff can raise concerns about situations that may conflict with your professional responsibilities.
  • Links to Science Council community areas are available where you can ask questions and connect with the Science Council registration team, current registrants and other people applying for registration:

As part of our continued commitment to our technical staff and their personal/professional development, Technical Services will cover the costs of initial membership fees for Technical Services staff.  Whilst Technical Services will pay for the initial professional body membership, individuals will be required to pay to cover their own individual registration fee and subsequent annual fees.

Follow these simple steps:

  • Apply for membership with the relevant professional body through the common application process (you will need to choose the body from one of those licensed to award Science Council professional registration).
  • Apply online - You can also get in touch with the Science Council to find out more.
  • Complete the application form - using the competency matrix to align your application with the relevant level.  You will need to clearly detail how you meet the criteria at your desired level, and should provide examples.
  • Provide details of your supporter (usually your Line Manager) who will vouch for your skills and experience to support your application.