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The Technician Commitment

Technician Commitment

Technician Commitment

The Technician Commitment is a university and research institution initiative, led by a steering group of sector bodies, with support from the Science Council and the Gatsby Charitable Foundation’s Technicians Make It Happen campaign. It now finds its professional home under the UK Institute of Technical Skills and Strategy.

The themes of the Technician Commitment apply to technical staff working in higher education and research, across all disciplines. These themes are: 

Ensure all technicians within the organisation are identifiable and that the contribution of technicians is visible within and beyond the institution

Support technicians to gain recognition through professional registration and external award schemes

Enable career progression opportunities for technicians through the provision of clear, documented career pathways 

Ensure the future sustainability of technical skills across the organisation and that technical expertise is fully utilised

The University of Exeter is a proud signatory of the Commitment supporting staff at all levels to get involved to make positive progress across the institution.

Progress on our action plan is supported by the Exeter Professional Group whose remit is focused on improving career pathways and opportunities across Professional Services.

We are very pleased to publish our Stage 3 Self-Assessment and Action Plan, approved and submitted in December 2023. This assessment is a reflection on the last 3 years of work, and we are very proud of the progress which has been made.

Our new action plan, which takes us to December 2026, details a variety of actions and priorities for the Technician Commitment at Exeter. We are looking forward to beginning work in earnest on this from January 2024.

2021-2023 Technician Commitment Self-Assessment and Action Plan for 2024-2026

I‌n April 2024 we received feedback from the Technician Commitment on our submission. The full feedback document can be read below:

2024 Technician Commitment Submission Feedback

‌"Exeter have been very proactive in their work around the Technicians Commitment. They have strong leadership and management which has enabled them to deliver on the previous plan and submit a well-structured and progressive 36-month action plan to carry things forward. There are some fantastic successes which you should be proud of and share with the wider technical community.

Overall, this is an excellent report and action plan, indeed the University of Exeter should be congratulated on their success and thank you for the opportunity to review this submission.

- Technician Commitment Submission Feedback

Technical Services Commitment Submission (2020)

Appendix 1: Technician Commitment Progress 2020

Appendix 2: Technical Services Commitment Action Plan (2020-2023)

Technician Commitment Submission Feedback 2021

If you are interested in learning more about the Technician Commitment, or how you can get involved, please contact  

Find our first Technician Commitment Action Plan here: 2017-2020 TC Action Plan

Our institutional Technician Commitment lead is Emma McArdle, Project & Operations Manager. If you have any queries regarding our work on the Commitment, you can contact us on