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Accelerator Grant Scheme

The Accelerator Grant Scheme is intended to support large-scale research, or teaching and learning initiatives, for which initial development has already begun. It is further anticipated that academic staff from UQ and UoE will be able to demonstrate an established track record of effective collaboration. Up to two grants of £30,000/ A$57,000 will be awarded each academic year.  

The key aims of the Accelerator Grant are to: 

  • Address research questions and/or develop innovative teaching and learning initiatives, linked to the QUEX themes 
  • Position the project group to win major external funding, publish significant research, and/or influence international/ national policy 
  • Concentrate on issues which can most effectively be addressed in partnership with colleagues at UQ 
  • Demonstrate clear added value as a result of collaboration from the QUEX Institute 

The guidelines and application form for the Accelerator Grant Scheme can be found below. The deadline for submitting applications for the 2023-24 academic year is 20th October 2023. Please contact the QUEX Team ( with any queries you may have.  

QUEX Accelerator Grant Scheme Guidance Notes 2023

QUEX Accelerator Application Form 2023

Application Deadline 

20th October 2023 

Applicants notified of outcome 

3rd November 2023 

Project completion deadline 

3rd November 2024 

Report submission deadline 

3rd February 2025