The Insessional programme

INTO University of Exeter offers a range of classes, workshops and tutorials to international students at the University of Exeter who feel they need or would like help and support in studying through the medium of English. This service is referred to as the Insessional Programme and is available to students studying at the Exeter campuses (Streatham and St Luke's). Both international and home students  studying at the Exeter campuses can also seek help and advice on academic matters from the  Academic Skills and Engagement Team (ASET).  International students studying at the Penryn campus will have access to language support provided by ASK (Academic Skills)

Information about the Insessional Programme available to Exeter based students is provided on these pages. 

The Insessional Programme is funded by the University and students are not required to pay for the classes or support listed on these pages. In exceptional circumstances Colleges may require students to take additional classes and may request students pay for or contribute to the cost of the tuition.

For up-to-date information on the insessional programme, students should visit the intranet by clicking 'Insessional log-in (including timetables)'.  

Insessional support classes and workshops

Support classes and workshops aim to help students on undergraduate, masters or research programmes with the language requirements of their academic studies. The insessional support programme also includes some General English courses which can be used as components in the Exeter Award.

Students wishing to participate in the insessional programme will first need to register as an insessional student. Both registration and enrolment on support courses can be done online.

Credit-rated courses

These courses are designed for undergraduate students and will enable you to improve your academic English communication skills and gain credits at the same time. They are intended for  students on Exeter degree programmes and for those who need credits for their home universities, e.g. students on study abroad programmes such as Erasmus or JYA. These courses are run on a termly basis with 4 hours of classes per week. Each course has a credit value of 15 (equivalent to 7.5 ECTS).

English Language classes for spouses and partners of international students and staff

These classes are available during term time for both women and men. They address the communication needs required to adapt to life in the UK in a motivating, friendly and supportive atmosphere.

Copy Editor Register

The academic copy editing service is hosted by INTO University of Exeter and is not included in the University’s free provision. This service is principally intended for students on PhD programmes. Any arrangement made between a student and a copy editor is a private matter.


Last updated on 26/08/16