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English Language skills development: The Insessional Programme

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English Language Skills Development is run by the Insessional Programme team. This provision helps students to improve and develop their academic English and literacy skills for academic study, and to build communicative and intercultural competence for life in the UK. It comprises courses, workshops and tutorials that support the English language development of students at the University of Exeter. 

For more details about specific courses please see the timetables

For details of our writing cafes please click here. Writing cafes provide a more informal opportunity to get support with your academic writing - providing a quiet space to write, with tutors on hand to guide or answer questions.

If you would like individualised feedback on the use of English in an assignment, you can book a one-to-one assignment writing tutorial.

Students can also access our online resources via the Guided Independent Learning (GIL) Sharepoint.

You can find links to more information about the different types of class we offer in the sections at the bottom of the page.

The programme is for students currently undertaking University of Exeter degree programmes or those on exchange programmes.  It is available for students studying at or from the Exeter campuses (Streatham and St Luke's). Students studying at the Penryn campus should contact ASK. Students on INTO programmes wishing for language support should contact their INTO academic manager. 

Come and chat in confidence to one of our language experts about your aims and concerns. Find out about the opportunities available to maximise your English skills and develop your cultural competence at your new university. Appointments available on a range of days. Please click on the schedule appointments button (at the top of the page if using a mobile device or to the right if using a computer)

Support classes and workshops aim to help students on undergraduate, masters or research programmes with the language requirements of their academic studies. 

These modules are designed for undergraduate students and will enable you to improve your academic English communication skills and gain credits at the same time.

English language classes for spouses and partners of international students and staff. The classes are designed to help with the communication needs required to adapt to social and cultural life in the UK, including areas such as health and education, in a motivating, friendly and supportive atmosphere.

See: Improving your communicative and cultural English for more details.

The academic copy editing service is hosted by INTO University of Exeter and is not included in the University’s free provision. This service is principally intended for students on PhD programmes. Any arrangement made between a student and a copy editor is a private matter.

The insessional programme work closely with the Study Zone to provide holistic support to all our students

Study Zone aims to provide high quality guidance to support your learning. Our goal is to give you the skills you need to achieve academic success during your time at Exeter. You can browse our study resources to find practical advice and tips to help you develop your academic skills. If you’d like to speak to a member of the team you can attend one of the Study Skills Drop-ins, email or visit us in the Forum, Streatham Campus.

To find out more, you might like to watch this SWAY.