Credit-Rated Insessional  


These courses will enable you to improve your communication skills in English for academic purposes and gain credits at the same time. They are intended primarily for undergraduate students on either Exeter degree programmes or study abroad programmes, e.g. students on exchange programmes such as Erasmus. As they are credit rated courses, enrolment will be restricted to students requiring credits for Exeter degrees or by their home universities.

Credit-rated courses are offered at two levels,  Levesl 1 & 2. Students taking Level 1 courses will be working at Common European Framework (CEF) reference level B2 towards C1. On Level 2 courses students will be working at CEF reference level C1 and C2.

Available modules

The following modules can be taken for credit. Each module has a credit value of 15 (7.5 ECTS).  

  • ELC 1725 —  Academic Listening and Speaking  (Level 1) and ELC 2726  -  Academic Listening and Speaking (Level 2). These modules are designed to help you improve your listening and speaking in an academic context. The skills of listening and speaking are developed through various topics of general interest, such as communication, justice, education and health & welfare.
  • ELC 1715 - Academic Reading and Writing (Level 1) and ELC 2716  - Academic Reading and Writing for Academic Study (Level 2). 
    These modules will help you to improve your reading and writing for academic purposes. The focus will be on raising awareness of the requirements of academic writing, reading and writing practice, and strategies and techniques in reading for academic study through English.

All students registering on credit-rated courses must be committed to the programme and be prepared to meet the assessment and attendance criteria (80% attendance). For each course there will be 4 hours of classes per week (2 X 2 hours). Out of class, students will be required to undertake assigned tasks and self-directed study. You will be able to make use of the independent learning resources in INTO’s Learning Resources Centre. All students will normally be required to take a placement test.

More information

For further information  on timetables, enrolment and the placement test (including times, dates and location), visit  the timetable  page and click link to ‘credit rated modules’.  All students wishing to take these modules will need to register as insessional students. This can be done once students have completed their registration as  University of Exeter students.