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 Former PhD students within the centre.


PhD studentYearFundingLast/Current Position
Dr Andrew Dalby 1992-1996 Rydon University Award  Senior Lecturer in Biostatistics and Research Methods Life Sciences, University of Westminster, London, UK
Dr Jeremy Billson 1992-1996 BBSRC CASE CASE British Biotechology, CEO at InoCardia, Cambridge, UK
Dr Seema Desai 1993-1996  Wellcome Trust Research Scientist, Oman
Dr Jane McHarg 1993-1996  BBSRC Senior Lecturer Exeter Medical School, UK
Dr Asutosh Yagnik  1993-1997 BBSRC Molecular Modelling, SME, Italy, Scientific Consultant Company, London, UK, FRSC
Ms  Anabelle Poole 1995-1997 BBSRC MPhil 
Dr Amanda Brindley 1994-1997 BBSRC Research Project Co-ordinator / Laboratory Manager, University of Sheffield, UK
Dr Martin Singleton 1994-1997 BBSRC CASE Chirotech Group Leader Cancer Research UK and Crick Research Centre, London, UK
Dr Emma McGhie 1994-1997 BBSRC Chirotech Dow Pharma Research Scientist, University of Cambridge, UK
Dr Philip Bourne 1994-1999  BBSRC CASE SKB Research Scientist, University of Oklahoma, USA
Dr Gina Crowhurst 1996-2000 BBSRC  
Dr Lisa Harwood 1996-2000 BBSRC CASE With Paul Winyard
Dr Jackie Martin 1995-2002 BBSRC Part time
Dr Edward Hollingsworth 1997-2001 BBSRC Postdoctorate Associate, University of Manchester, UK
Dr Irene Gonzalez 1997-2001 Self funded Now Head of EU and Four Nations, UK Health Security Agency, London, UK 
Dr Esther Garcia-Rodriguez 2000-2005  BBSRC Part time, Head Science, Teaching, UK 
Dr Kirsty Line 2000-2004 BBSRC Chirotech Postdoctoral Associate, University of Exeter, Head of Surveillance and Laboratory Services Department at Animal and Plant Health Agency DEFRA, UK
Dr Jodie Guy 2000-2004 BBSRC Chirotech Research Scientist, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
Dr Lucy Mallett 2000-2004  BBSRC Chirotech Science Editorial Work and Photography
Dr Elizabeth Coupe 2000-2004 BBSRC with GSK Science Teaching, UK
Dr Clive Whitcher 2001-2006 BBSRC with UCL London EVP, Head of Pharma at Inceptua, UK
Dr Stephen Connelly 2002 -2006 BBSRC Postdoctoral Fellow, Scripps Institute, USA, MBA and Chief Scientific Officer at Equillium, Inc.,USA
Dr Catriona Collins 2002 -2006  with Dr Claus Jacob, University Funding  
Dr Sam Waddell 2002 -2006  BBSRC  Postdoctoral Associate, Studied Dentistry at Exeter Dentistry School, Qualified dentist Manchester, UK
Rachel Arthur 2005-2007 MPhil with Prof Peter Winlove - self funding


Dr Nathan Menderin 2003- 2009  BBSRC


Dr Carrie Evans  2003-2007 BBSRC

Commercial and Business Programmes Manager in Innovation and Business, University of Exeter

Dr Simon Willies, 2004-2008  BBSRC

Postdoctoral associate University of Manchester, Senior Scientist at Cancer Research Technology, UK

Dr Joseph Bull BBSRC 2005-2009  BBSRC

Science Teaching, UK

Dr Kamal Hamidi 2005-2009

 Iranian Government Funding

University Academic in Iranian University

Dr Christopher Sayer

2005 -2009 


Scientist Ministry of Defence, Postdoctoral associate, Exeter, Group Leader SME, UK
Dr Matthew Martin 2005-2009 DTA EPSRC Postdoctoral Fellow Cancer Centre Florida, USA, MRC Fellow, Cancer Research Center, University of Newcastle, UK
Dr Paul James 2006 -2010  DTA EPSRC Postdoctoral associate University of Exeter, Vice Chancellors Fellow, University of Northumbria, UK
Dr Justyna Worek 2007 - 2012 Norman Family Trust Charity  
Dr Emma Reid 2007 -2011 BBSRC CASE with PML App.Ltd


Dr Halina Novak 2007- 2011  BBSRC CASE with Aquapharm Postdoctoral fellow, Unilever, Exeter, Senior Scientist, Belgium Research Center, Gent, Belgium
Dr Katalin Szabo 2007-2012 PMS with Prof Paul Winyard Research Associate, Semmelweis University Hungary
Dr Rita Vaz 2007 - 2013 Norman Family Trust Charity Working at DEFRA, now SME Company Exeter
Dr Vahid Saneei 2007–2013    Research Associate Exeter, Drug Design Company UK and Australia
Dr William Finnigan  2012-2016 BBSRC Industrial Collaborative Studentship with GSK Postdoctoral associate, University of Manchester, UK
Dr Simone de Rose  2013-2016 BBSRC CASE student with Unilever Postdoctoral Associate University of Exeter
Dr Aaron Westlake  2013-2016 EU Hotzyme grant SME, Exeter, UK
Robert James 2019-2021 Part time self funded with Paul Winyard Studies with Prx11 and Rheumatics. Set up own company importing food products from Uganda.
Dr Rhys Cutlan 2018-2022 BBSRC Industrial studentship with GSK with Nic Harmer Applying for positions in Canada
Dr Simona Frustaci  2018-2022 with Frank Vollmer Postgraduate Research Associate University of Exeter, UK