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The centre has attracted recent funding from a range of sources:

EU FP7 PEOPLE Marie Curie Initial Training Network REDCAT – Redox catalysts coordinated by Prof Claus Jacob, Germany. Other partners in France, Portugal, Germany and Luxemburg. EU

High Throughput Biocatalytic Synthesis and Screening in Micro Reactors

EPSRC, 2005-2008

Design of Effective and Substainable Control Strategies for Liver Fluke in Europe
EU Framework 6, 2006-2009

Baeyer-Villiger Enzymes and Application in Biotransformations
BBSRC, 2006-2009

HOTZYME EU Large Consortium Grant
International Companies – Sigma Aldrich and Novozymes, SMEs and academic partners,
EU 2011-2015

Exploration of Novel Host Organisms as Cell Factories
Industrial studentship with Nicholas Harmer, LSI Exeter
BBSRC 2012-2016 Industrial Studentship with Glaxo Smith Kline

THERMOGENE ERA-net Industrial Biotechnology with Nat. Acad Sciences, Russia, and partners in Norway and Germany
BBSRC 2013-2016

Innovate UK Grant Unilever Lead PI
Synergy of novel chemistry and novel biology to combat unmet cleaning needs
with University of Liverpool, SME Protein Technologies
Innovate 2018-2021

ERA-CoBiotech Bacteria and archaeal chassis for extremolyte production – HotSolute,
with University of Essen, Germany, ICRM Institute Milan, Italy, Russian Academy of Science, Moscow and Industrial partner, Evonik, Germany
BBSRC 2018-2022

BBSRC Training Grant, Industrial CASE with Unilever
Novel extremophilic hydrolytic enzymes for consumer product applications including improved extremophilic enzyme expression platform development
BBSRC 2018-2022

Molecular Mechanics of Enzymes, Physics of Life Grant with Prof Frank Vollmer Joint PI, CoPIs Prof Neil Gow and Prof Peter Winlove
EPSRC 2019-2022

BBSRC Training Grant, Industrial CASE with Unilever
Development of Novel Robust Laundry Enzymes for Cold Wash Applications by both rational and directed evolution and using micro-fluidic approaches with Dr Fabrice Gielen, LSI, Exeter
BBSRC 2020-2024

ERA-Net Co-fund on Food Systems and Climate (FOSC) with University of Bergen, CEA Research Unit, France, Free State University, South Africa, University of Nairobi, Kenya, Norwegian Research Centre, Norway - THERMOK
DEFRA Funded UK Exeter 2021-2024

EU Horizon 2020 Large Consortium Grant RADICALZ
Rapid discovery and development of enzymes for novel and greener consumer products
with Dr Fabrice Gielen, LSI, Exeter with partners in University of Madrid, Spain, University of Greifswald, Germany, University of Zagreb, Croatia, Polytechnique of Lausanne, Switzerland, Institut National Applied Sciences, Toulouse, France, Industries, Brain, Germany. Hanson, Denmark and 4 SMEs
EU 2021-2025

BBSRC Training Grant, Industrial CASE with Unilever
Novel extremophilic enzymes for new applications in Healthcare Products
BBSRC 2021-2025.

Investigation of Kinetics of Enzymes in Microreactors EPSRC 2019-2022