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Mind, Body and Culture

Strand leader: Giovanna Colombetti

Researchers in the Mind, Body, and Culture cluster share an interest in questions pertaining to the nature of the mind and its relation to the body and the environment, including the sociocultural environment. A distinctive and unique feature of this group is that it takes a broad and interdisciplinary perspective on the mind — understanding it not just as a set of problem-solving capacities, but address it also in its affective, experienced, socialized and enculturated dimensions.

The group meets regularly to discuss research from different disciplinary perspectives on these topics. Its members work in philosophy of mind and '4E cognition' (the view that cognition is embodied, embedded, enactive, and extended), phenomenology, philosophy of psychiatry, cultural sociology and anthropology, and more. We also host regular visiting PhD students and more senior researchers who work in these areas. We welcome participation in our biweekly "Cognition and Culture" meetings also from psychology, politics, neuroscience, and more.

Past and current research grants of the group include: