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The FEELE Lab was founded by Dieter Balkenborg and Todd Kaplan, and funded by a HEFCE grant (FDTL5, 148/03) “Bringing Economics Experiments into the Classroom”, under the supervision of the Higher Education Academy.

We would like to thank the following for their support in setting up FEELE:

Klaus Abbink; Paul Collier; Malcolm Cook; Miguel Costa-Gomes; Paul Draper; Steve Gjerstad; Denise Hazlett; Charlie Holt; Marjorie Anne Howe; Hans Hvide; David Kernohan (HEFCE); David Kraithman; Paul Martin; Diana McNeill; Tim Miller; Hans Normann; Inna Pomerina; Elke Renner; Bradley Ruffle; Martin Sefton; John Sloman; Steve Smith; Martin Timbrell; Paul Webley; Nick Vriend; the Academic Staff at the Department of Economics (in particular Gareth Myles and Alison Wride).

HEFCE; Higher Education Academy; Economics Network; Economic Science Association; Economics Department of the University of Exeter Business School at the University of Exeter.

FEELE was opened on the 30th April 2004, and a workshop was held to celebrate the occasion. The invited speakers included Francesco Guala, Todd Kaplan, Rosemarie Nagel, Chris Starmer and Eyal Winter.