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NameResearch area / Group

Anna Baldycheva

Photonics, Microfluidics (Engineering)
Bill Barnes Photonics, Plasmonics (Physics)
Monica Craciun CVD growth, Multi-layer systems (Engineering)
Euan Hendry Ultrafast spectroscopy, THz (Physics)
David Horsell

Electron scattering, Quantum interference (Physics)

Group: Quantum transport, noise and interactions in nanomaterials

Geoffrey Nash Infra-red optics, Surface acoustic waves (Engineering)
Annette Plaut

Raman spectroscopy, Epitaxial growth (Physics)

Group: Magneto-Raman of graphene

Saverio Russo

Quantum transport, GraphExeter (Physics)

Group: Graphene materials and nanodevices

David Wright Data storage, Memory applications (Engineering)
Shaowei Zhang Nanocomposites Coatings (Engineering)
Yanqiu Zhu Composites, Hydrogen storage (Engineering)


NameResearch area / Group
Eros Mariani

Strain effects, honeycomb lattices (Analytical)

Group: Electromechanical properties of nanomaterials

Misha Portnoi

Confinement effects, waveguides (Analytical)

Group: Optical properties of graphene and carbon nanotubes

Andrey Shytov

Scattering effects, Noise (Analytical)

Group: Band-gap enginering and transport in quantum systems

GP Srivastava

Thermal effects, Phonons (Numerical)

Group: Theory of electrons and photons