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Derek Law Bibliography

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This comprehensive British naval and maritime history bibliography covers the Royal Navy and Allied Navies in the Second World War. It also covers the associated Merchant Marines, and relevant material from the literature on Allied Air Forces and Army. Autobiographies, biographies and reports from war correspondents are included. There is also selective coverage of fictional works and of relevant war poetry.

It largely excludes the voluminous American literature on the US Navy’s Pacific campaigns, but does cover the role of the USN where it interacted with the Royal Navy.

First published in 1988, with a second edition in 2003, the bibliography is now continuously updated online. It represents the culmination of Professor Law’s 40-year academic career, and of his continuing work as a bibliographer.

The bibliography comprises over 4,000 entries which can be searched and browsed in a variety of ways. All entries are annotated with description and/or critical analysis.

The entries list publications in English and include:

  • published books and monographs, generally greater in length than 32 pages
  • published conference proceedings
  • Official Despatches and Battle Reports
  • Reports of Government Commissions
  • Command Papers
  • Official Histories