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Rasor Bibliography

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This comprehensive British naval and maritime history bibliography covers the period from 55 B.C. to today and will be constantly updated to keep up with new scholarship. It represents the culmination of Dr. Rasor's 40-year academic career, and of his extraordinary talent as a naval historian and bibliographer.

The bibliography comprises over 26,000 entries which can be searched and browsed in a variety of ways. Academically significant entries are annotated with critical analysis.

The entries list publications in English and other Western European languages, and include:

  • published books and monographs
  • important articles in journals and periodicals (print and online)
  • individual articles and essays from conference, seminar, and symposium papers, festschrift, and document collections
  • Ph.D. dissertations and Master's theses

These special publications series are also incorporated:

  • Publications of the Navy Records Society
  • Publications of the Hakluyt Society
  • Transactions of the Royal Historical Society
  • Publications of the British Academy
  • Royal Historical Society Bibliography on British and Irish History
  • Royal Historical Society Writings on British History
  • New Interpretations in Naval History (Papers from the Annual Naval History Symposium)
  • Anglo-Dutch Maritime History Symposium
  • Anglo-French Naval History Conference
  • Exeter University Annual Maritime History Conference
  • Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society
  • Papers of the Consortium on Revolutionary Europe
  • Publications of The Nelson Society
  • Publications of The 1805 Club
  • Publications of the Champlain Society