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"More than a List of Crew"

Crew Agreements, or Lists as they are also known, are nineteenth- and twentieth-century British imperial merchant seafarers’ contracts. They form a very large collection in the Maritime History Archive at Memorial University. How did they get to Newfoundland; what use are they to the professional and the family history researcher; how might they be brought into undergraduate and secondary school classrooms? The answers are provided on this multi-media, interactive website that was produced by the University with Canadian Government funding.

Produced by Memorial University of Newfoundland

"Old Weather: our weather's past, the climate's future"

We all care about today's weather, and the prediction for tomorrow's; Old Weather is about yesterday's, last year's, and the previous century's. The history of the weather is vital information for climate science, as it provides context and validation for predictions of climate change, and supports interdisciplinary work between history and science.

Old Weather is an internet crowdsourcing project. Photographs of thousands of ships' logbooks (from the National Archives) are shared, transcribed and analysed by a large group of volunteer researchers. These logbooks tell us not only about the weather, but also the full story of the activities of each ship, detailing coaling, cricket matches, illness, discipline, accidents and even military action. From them we are building a newly detailed picture of both climate variability and marine life.

Produced by: The Citizen Science AllianceThe University of OxfordThe International Atmospheric Circulation Reconstructions over the Earth (ACRE) initiativeThe Met OfficeNaval-History.NetThe National Maritime MuseumThe National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)National Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationJoint Information Systems Committee (JISC); and The National Archives.

Encyclopedia Titanica

Encyclopedia Titanica is a comprehensive reference work containing illustrated biographies of RMS Titanic passengers and crew together with accurate deckplans, passenger and crew lists, orignal research articles and a community forum. Free resources for schools include factsheets, lesson plans and guides for teachers.

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