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R. McKenna, I. Mulalic, I. Soutar, J.M. Weinand, J. Price, S. Petrovi, K. Mainzer 

Exploring trade-offs between landscape impact, land use and resource quality for onshore variable renewable energy: an application to Great Britain
March 2022 | Energy 

Iain Soutar 

Dancing with complexity: Making sense of decarbonisation, decentralisation, digitalisation and democratisation
August 2021 | Energy Research & Social Science

James Sucking, Claire Hoolohan, Iain Soutar and Angela Druckman 

Unintended Consequences: Unknowable and Unavoidable, or Knowable and Unforgivable
October 2021 | Frontiers in Climate

Bregje van Veelan, Ludovico Rella, Gerald Taylor Aiken, Emily Judson, Evelina Gambino, Alke Jenss, Ankur Parashar, Annabel Pinker

Intervention: Democratising infrastructure
May 2021 | Political Geographies 

Richard Lowes and Catherine Mitchell 

Energy governance for the Northern Ireland energy transition (PDF)
March 2021 | Report for Northern Ireland Executive

Thomas Pownall, Iain Soutar and Catherine Mitchell

Re-Designing GB's Electricity Market Design: A conceptual Framework which Recognises the Value of Distributed Energy Resources
February 2021 | Energies 

Jess Britton, Angela Mae Minas, Ana Catarina Marques and Zoya Pourmirza

Exploring the potential of heat as a service in decarbonisation: Evidence needs and research gaps 
January 2021 | Energy Sources, Part B: Economics, Planning and Policy

Ian Bailey, Oscar Fitch-Roy, Tor Håkon Jackson Inderberg and David Benson

Idealism, pragmatism, and the power of compromise in the negotiation of New Zealand’s Zero Carbon Act
January 2021 | Climate Policy

Rachel Bray, Bridget Woodman and Emily Judson  

Future Prospects for Local Energy Markets: Lessons from the Cornwall
December 2020 | Report to Centrica PLC ‌

Laura Sandys and Thomas Pownall

ReCosting: Powering for the future
December 2020 | Boxset 1 

Oscar Fitch-Roy, David Benson and David Monciadini

All around the world: Assessing optimality in comparative circular economy policy packages 
December 2020 | Journal of Cleaner Production | Link

Richard Lowes, Jan Rosenow, Meysam Qadrdan and Jianzhong Wu

Hot Stuff: Research and policy principles for heat decarbonisation through smart electrification 
December 2020 | Energy Studies & Social Science 

Lena Kitzing, Oscar Fitch-Roy, Marco Islam and Catherine Mitchell 

An evolving risk perspective for policy instrument choice in sustainbility transitions 
June 2020 | Environmental Innovations and Societal Transitions

Jan Rosenow and Richard Lowes

Heating without the hot air: Principles for smart heat electrification
March 2020 | Regulatory Assistance Project

Caroline Kuzemko and Jessica Britton

Policy, politics and materiality across scales: A framework for understanding local government sustainable energy capacity in England 
April 2020 | Energy Research & Social Science

Emily Judson, Oscar Fitch-Roy, Thomas Pownall, Rachel Bray, Helen Poulter, Iain Soutar, Richard Lowes, Peter Connor, Jessica Britton, Bridget Woodman and Catherine Mitchell 

The Centre cannot (always) hold: Examining pathways towards energy system de-centralisation 
November 2019 | Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 

Matthew Lockwood, Catherine Mitchell and Richard Hoggett

Unpacking 'regime resistance' in low-carbon transitions: The case of the British Capacity Market 
September 2019 | Energy Research and Social Science

Ioanna Ketsopoulou, Peter Taylor, Jim Watson, Mark Winskel, Michael Kattirtzi, Richard Lowes, Bridget Woodman, Helen Poulter, Christian Brand, Gavin Killip, Jillian Anable, Alice Owen, Richard Hanna, Rob Gross and Matthew Lockwood 

Disrupting the UK energy system: causes, impacts and policy implications 
June 2019 | UKERC Research Project

Julie Smith, Jess Britton and Basia Cieszewska 

Power Shift: How to build a gender balance in the Energy Research Portfolio 
June 2019 | UKERC Whole Systems Networking Project Report

Lena Kitzing, Vasilios Anatolitis, Oscar Fitch-Roy, Corinna Klessmann, Jan Kreiss, Pablo del Rio, Fabian Wigand and Bridget Woodman

Auctions for Renewable Energy Support: Lessons learned in the AURES Project 
June 2019 | IAEE Energy Forum‌

Richard Lowes, Bridget Woodman and Oscar Fitch-Roy

Policy change, power and the development of Great Britain's Renewable Heat Incentive
May 2019 | Energy Policy

Rachel Bray, Thomas Pownall, Catherine Mitchell and Bridget Woodman

Submission to ENA Future Worlds: Impact Assessment Consultation May 2019 | Submission to ENA‌

Richard Lowes, Bridget Woodman and Oscar Fitch-Roy

Policy change, power and the development of Great Britain's Renewable Heat Incentive
April 2019 | Energy Policy

Oscar Fitch-Roy, David Benson and Bridget Woodman 

Policy Instruments Supply and Demand: How the Renewable Electricity Auction took over the world
March 2019 | Journal of Politics and Governance

Catherine Mitchell, Rebecca Willis, Richard Hoggett, Richard L
owes, Rachel Bray, Helen Poulter and Jess Britton

Submission: RIIO-2 sector specific methodology consultation 
March 2019 | Ofgem  

Jess Britton, Jeff Hardy, Catherine Mitchell and Rochard Hoggett

Changing actor dynamics and emerging propositions in the UK electricity retail market 
January 2019 | IGov Report 

Jeff Hardy 

Analysis of UK energy system actors

January 2019 | IGov report

January 2019 | Data set for reportExcel

Lena Kitzing, Oscar Fitch-Roy, Marco Island and Catherine Mitchell 

An evolving risk perspective for policy instrument choice in sustainability transitions
2019 | Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions 

Jess Britton, Richard Hoggett, Catherine Mitchell and Matthew Lockwood 

Governing for a decentralised and decarbonised energy system
September 2018 | IPPR Report 

Hoolohan C,  Soutar I, Suckling J, Druckman A, Larkin A and Mclachlan C

Stepping-up innovations in the water-energy-food nexus: A case study of anaerobic digestion in the UK.
July 2018 | The Geographical Journal 

Helen Poulter, Cathine Mitchell and Richard Lowes

Submission: RIIO-2 Framework Consultation
May 2018 | Ofgem 

Claire Hoolohan, Alice Larkin, Carly McLachlan, Ruth Falconer, Iain Soutar, James Suckling, Liz Varga, Ismail Haltas, Angela Druckman, Darren Lumbroso, Marian Scott, Daniel Gilmour, Ralph Ledbetter, Scott McGrane, Catherine Mitchell & Dapeng Yu

A transformation to sustainable heating in the UK: Risks and opportunities for UK heat sector businesses
April 2018 | Sustainability Science

Richard Lowes, Bridget Woodman & Matthew Clark

A transformation to sustainable heating in the UK: Risks and opportunities for UK heat sector businesses
February 2018 | UKERC Working Paper 

Catherine Mitchell, Helen Poulter, Matthew Lockwood, Bridget Woodman, Rachel Bray, Richard Lowes, Jess Britton and Richard Hoggett

Submission: BEIS Call for Evidence on the Helm Reviewbusinesses
January 2018 | BEIS 

Jessica Britton

Smart meter data and equitable energy transitions – can cities play a role?
October 2017 | Local Environment 

Catherine Mitchell

Submission: Pre-legislative scrutiny of the draft Domestic Gas and Electricity (Tariff Cap) Bill
November 2017 | BEIS 

Matthew Lockwood, Antony Froggatt, Georgina Wright & Joseph Dutton

The implications of Brexit for the electricity sector in Great Britain: Trade-offs between market integration and policy influence
November 2017 | Energy Policy

Rachel Bray, Helen Poulter, Richard Hoggett, Catherine Mitchell and Bridget Woodmand

Submission: Comments on WPD's DSO Transition Consultation Document 
October 2017 | WPD 

Helen Poulter, Catherine Mitchell and Richard Hoggett

Submission: Comments on the Open Letter on the RIIO-2 Framework
September 2017 | BEIS & Ofgem

Jess Britton

Smart meter data and equitable energy transitions - can cities play a role?
September 2017 | Local Environment

Felicity Jones, Everoze Partners Ltd and IGov Advisory Group

Viewpoint: Bad news, buried: Capacity Market de-rating factors for storage
September 2017 | IGov

Catherine Mitchell

Submisson: Ofgem Electricitty Settlement Reform SCR launch statement
September 2017 | Ofgem 

Vasilios Anatolitis, Simone Steinhilber, Oscar Fitch-Roy & Pablio del Río

Hybrids and Transitions: Managing transitions to auction-based support schemes, and combining acutions with non-auction desgin elements
June 2017 | AURES Report

Matthew Lockwood, Catherine Mitchell, Richard Hoggett and Caroline Kuzemko

The governance of industry rules and energy system innovation 
June 2017 | Utilities Policy 

Caroline Kuzemko, Catherine Mitchell, Matthew Lockwood and Richard Hoggett

Policies, politics and demand side innovations: The untold story of Germany's energy transition
June 2017 | Energy Research & Social Science

Antony Froggatt, Georgina Wright and Matthew Lockwood

Staying connected: Key elements for UK-EU27 energy cooperation after Brexit
May 2017 | Chatham House, UKERC and EPG joint project‌

Catherine Mitchell, Richard Hoggett and Matthew Lockwood

Submission to the Building Our Industrial Strategy Green Paper Consultation 
April 2017 | BEIS

Joseph Dutton & Matthew Lockwood

Ideas, institutions and interests in the politics of cross-border electricity interconnection: Greenlink, Britain and Ireland
March 2017 | Energy Policy

Matthew Lockwood and Catherine Mitchell

Submission: Ofgem call for evidence on future electricity system operator arrangements 
March 2017 | Ofgem

Richard Hoggett

People, demand and governance in future energy systems
February 2017 | IGov Working Paper

Nick Eyre & Matthew Lockwood

The governance of retail energy market services in the UK: a framework for the future
November 2016 | UKERC Working Paper 

Matthew Lockwood, Catherine Mitchell, Richard Hoggett & Caroline Kuzemko

GB energy governance for innovation, sustainability and affordability: An institutional framework
November 2016 | IGov paper

Lena Kitzing, Marco Islam, Emilie Rosenlund Soysal (DTU), Anne Held, Mario Ragwitz, Jenny Winkler, Simone Steinhilber (Fraunhofer ISI), Pablo del Río (CSIC), Fabian Wigand, Silvana Tiedemann, Corinna Klessman (Ecofys), Sebastian Busch, André Ortner (TU Wien), Jan Krieß (Takon), Oscar Fitch-Roy, Bridget Woodman (University of Exeter)

Recommendations on the role of auctions in a new renewable energy directive
October 2016 | AURES Report

Matthew Lockwood, Catherine Mitchell, Richard Hoggett & Caroline Kuzemko

Innovation and the governance of energy industry codes
September 2016 | BIEE 2016 conference paper

Richard Lowes

Political power and the development of the GB Renewable Heat Incentive
September 2016 | BIEE 2016 conference paper‌

Catherine Mitchell, Matthew Lockwood, Richard Hoggett & Caroline Kuzemko

Governing for innovation without disruption in energy systems
September 2016 | BIEE 2016 conference paper

Joseph Dutton

It will take more than giving people a share in shale gas profits to sway public opinion on fracking
August 2016 | The Conversation

Bridget Woodman

Hinkley Point C delay: How to exploit this attack of common sense in energy policy
July 2016 | The Conversation

Matthew Lockwood, Caroline Kuzemko, Catherine Mitchell & Richard Hoggett

Historical institutionalism and the politics of sustainable energy transitions: A research agenda
July 2016 | Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy

Matthew Lockwood

The UK's Levy Conrol Framework for renewable electricity support: Effects and significance
July 2016 | Energy Policy

Joseph Dutton

The EU referendum: Implications for UK energy policy
July 2016 | The Conversation‌

Paul Ekins, Joseph Dutton & Jim Watson

The EU referendum: Implications for UK energy policy
May 2016 | UKERC Policy Briefing‌

Catherine Mitchell

Policy Dialogue on the assessment and convergence of renewable energy policy in EU member state 
April 2016 | Journal of Energy and Environment

Caroline Kuzemko

Energy depoliticisation in the UK: Destroying political capacity
April 2016 | The British Journal of Politics and International Relations

Richard Lowes, Bridget Woodman & Jessica Britton

EPG response to the Energy and Climate Committee's 2020 renewable heat and transport targets inquiry
April 2016 | Written evidence

Richard Lowes, Bridget Woodman & Jessica Britton

EPG response to the DECC consultation: The Renewable Heat Incentive - A reformed and refocussed scheme
April 2016 | DECC consultation response | ‌

Pablo del Rio, Oscar Fitch-Roy & Bridget Woodman

Identification of alternative policy options for RES-E support
March 2016 | AURES Resport 

Matthew Lockwood

Reviewing the benefits of the Low Carbon Networks Fund
February 2016 | Ofgem consultation response‌

Burns, C., A. Jordan, V. Gravey, N. Berny, S. Bulmer, N. Carter, R. Cowell, J. Dutton, B. Moore, S. Oberthür, S. Owens, T. Rayner, J. Scott & B. Stewart

The EU Referendum and the UK environment: An expert review
April 2016 | The UK in a Changing Europe

Oscar Fitch-Roy & Bridget Woodman

Auctions for renewable energy support in the United Kingdom: Instruments and lessons learnt
March 2016 | AURES Report

Shane Fudge, Michael Peters & Bridget Woodman

Local authorities as niche actors: the case of energy governance in the UK
March 2016 | Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions 

Jess Britton

Smart meter data and public interest issues - The sub-national perspective
March 2016 | TEDDINET, CSE & Sustainability First discussion paper‌

Anthony Froggatt & Amelia Hadfield

Will the European Energy Union  transform the sector?
February 2016 | New Power

Matthew Lockwood

Creating protective space for innovation in electricity distribution networks in Great Britain: The politics of institutional change
March 2016 | Environmental Innovation & Societal Transitions, Vol18, 111–127

Joseph Dutton

Why Norway may open up spectacular Lofoten archipelago to oil and gas firms
February 2016 | The Conversation

Catherine Mitchell

Momentum is increasing towards a flexible electricity system based on renewables
February 2016 | Nature Energy

Kuzemko, C., Lockwood, M., Mitchell, C. & Hoggett, R.

Governing for sustainable energy system change: Politics, contexts and contingency
February 2016 | Energy Research and Social Science

Catherine Mitchell

National Infrastructure Commission Call for Evidence response
January 2016 | National Infrastructue Commission

Lena Kitzing, Marco Islam (DTU) & Oscar Fitch-Roy (University of Exeter)

Comparison of auctions and alternative policy options for RES-E support
January 2016 | AURES Report

Oscar Fitch-Roy

Auctions for renewable energy support in California: Instruments and lessons learnt
December 2015 | AURES report 

Oscar Fitch-Roy

An offshore wind union? Diversity and convergence in European offshore wind governance
December 2015 | Climate Policy 

Caroline Kuzemko

Climate change benchmarking: Constructing a sustainable future?
December 2015 | Review of International Studies 

Iain Soutar

The role of social capital in energy system transformation: Insights from community energy
November 2015 | SCORAI Workshop paper, Vienna | ‌

IGov Team

Codes governance and reform discussion paper
November 2015 | IGov website 

Kuzemko, C., Britton, J., Soutar, I. & Woodman, B.

Written response: Inquiry into 'A smarter energy future for Wales'
November 2015 | National Assembly for Wales‌

Oscar Fitch-Roy

Viewpoint: Wind offers optimism to the climate topic
October 2015 | Windpower Monthly

Jess Britton

The Bristol Method
September 2015 | Bristol Green Capital 2015‌

Mitchell, C., Woodman, B., Lockwood, M., Kuzemko, C. & Hoggett, R.

Comments on the CMA Energy Market Investigation – Provisional findings and possible remedies
September 2015 | IGov Website

Woodman, B., Mitchell, C., Lowes, R., Dutton, J., Hoggett, R., Steward, T., Lockwood, M. & Kuzemko, C.

Submission to Energy and Climate Change Committee inquiry on ECC priorities for holding Government to account
Sept 2015 | ECC website

Bridget Woodman

Low carbon priorities for the new government
July 2015 | In Aldersgate Group: A Brighter, More Secure Future

Oscar Fitch-Roy

Viewpoint: Auctions -- The myth of market forces
June 2015 | Windpower Monthly  

Catherine Mitchell

The New Power Interview
June 2015 | New Power 76‌

C Kuzemko; J Britton; R Hoggett; C Mitchell; I Soutar; T Steward

Ofgem Consultation Response
May 2015 | Ofgem‌

Catherine Mitchell

Designing energy policy under uncertainty
May 2015 | Nature Climate Change

Catherine Mitchell

Tesla home storage a ‘nail in the coffin of conventional utilities’
May 2015 | Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit

Catherine Mitchell

Managed disruption: the push and pull of policy in Germany
May 2015 | Renewables International

C Mitchell, B Woodman, C Kuzemko, R Hoggett

Comments on the CMA Energy Market Investigation – Updated Issues Statement
April 2015 | CMA

Catherine Mitchell

Progressive Energy Policy Pivots
April 2015 | IGov website

Caroline Kuzemko

Energy depoliticisation in the UK: Destroying political capacity
April 2015 | The British Journal of Politics and International Relations

Catherine Mitchell

Getting our Act Together
April 2015 | The House Magazine

Catherine Mitchell

First-past-the-post Politics is a Major Barrier in GB to a Legitimate, Long term Energy Policy Framework
April 2015 | Cornwall Energy Spectrum

Matthew Lockwood

Stern Review 2.0? The Report of the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate
March 2015 | The Political Quarterly 

Catherine Mitchell

Report on energy policy ‘offers little new wisdom’
March 2015 | Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit

Catherine Mitchell

The Government’s Capacity Market reforms are a missed opportunity
March 2015 | Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit

Catherine Mitchell

Book Review: Electricity Supply – the British Experiment….the intentions were good
March 2015 | IGov Website

Bridget Woodman

Energy companies' loyalty problem lights the way forward
February 2015 | The Conversation

Catherine Mitchell

CMA Energy Market Investigation – Updated Issues Statement
February 2015 | IGov Website

R Lowes, J Britton, C Kuzemko, M Lockwood, C Mitchell, T Steward, B Woodman

Response to Fuelling the debate: ECC Committee successes and future challengesDecember 2014 | Energy & Climate Change Committee

Fitch-Roy, O.

Wind's new EU future must play to its strengths
December 2014 | Windpower Monthly

Connor, P., Xie, L., Lowes, R., Britton, J. and Richard, T.

The development of renewable heating policy in the United Kingdom
November 2014 | Renewable Energy

Woodman, B., Mitchell, C., Lockwood, M. and Kuzemko, C.

Submission to DECC Consultation on the draft Strategy and Policy Statement
October 2014 | DECC

Mitchell, C., Froggatt, A. and Hoggett, R.

Governance and disruptive energy systems
September 2014 | Incumbent-Challenger Interactions, Stuttgart

Britton, J. and Woodman, B.

Local Enterprise Partnerships and the low-carbon economy: Front runners, uncertainty and divergence
August 2014 | Local Economy online

Mitchell, C., Woodman, B., Lockwood, M., Fitch-Roy, O., Steward, T. and Hoggett, R.

Submission to CMA energy market investigation
August 2014 | Competition & Markets Authority

Mitchell, C.

Climate change – it’s not too late to change gloomy prognosis
August 2014 | Western Morning News

Lockwood, M.

Fossil fuel subsidy reform, rent management and political fragmentation in developing countries
July 2014 | New Political Economy

Hoggett, R., Lockwood, M., Mitchell, C. and Steward, T.

Submission to ECCC call for evidence on electricity demand-side measures
July 2014 | Energy & Climate Change Committee

Mitchell, C.

Letter in Response to Guardian Article: Price of Electricity could double over the next 20 years
July 2014 | The Guardian

Lockwood M.

Environmental politics in a cold climate
June 2014 | Juncture

Mitchell C. in Ekins, P. and Watson, J. (eds.)

UK Energy in a Global Context synthesis April 2014April 2014 | UKERC Sythensis Report

Kuzemko, C.

Politicising UK Energy: What Speaking Security can Do
pril 2014 | Policy and Politics

Hoggett, R.

Supply chains and energy security in a low carbon transition
Mar 2014 | Applied Energy

Kitzing, L. and Mitchell, C.

Achieving energy transitions: Which RES policies are best applied when? Reducing risk and creating an enabling environment
Mar 2014 | Energy Transitions, Joensuu- Finland

Mitchell, C.

Open letter of European economists on market premiums to Commissioner Günther Oettinger and Joaquín Almunia
April 2014 | Open Letter

Lockwood, M. and Mitchell, C.

EMR Codes and Licences - EPG University of Exeter
February 2014 | DECC‌

Kitzing, L.

Risk implications of renewable support instruments: Comparative analysis of feed-in tariffs and premiums using a mean–variance approach
January 2014 | Energy

Fudge, S.

Community Energy Workshop - outcomes and actions
January 2014

Kuzemko, C.

Ideas, Power and Change: Explaining EU-Russia Energy Relations
January 2014 | Journal of European Public Policy 

Hoggett, R.

Technology scale and supply chains in a secure, affordable and low carbon energy transition
December 2013 | Applied Energy

Woodman, B.

EPG Response to Energy and Climate Change Committee Inquiry on Inquiry on low carbon innovation
December 2013 | ECCC

Lockwood, M.

Smart grid-lock? The role of ideas, interests and institutions in contestations over the future of electricity networks in Britain.
November 2013 | Constructing and contesting spaces for low-carbon energy innovation, Eindhoven, Netherlands, 26-28 November 2013

Mitchell, C.

Managing the political nature of energy
October 2013 | Cornwall Energy Energy Spectrum 396, 7 Oct 2013

Lockwood, M.

What can climate adaptation policy in sub-Saharan Africa learn from research on governance and politics?
October 2013 | Development Policy Review

Kuzemko, C.

Why the UK's politics are incapable of governing energy
September 203 | The Carbon Brief

Lockwood, M.

System change in a regulatory state paradigm: the ‘smart’ grid in the UK’
September 2013 | 7th European Consortium for Political Research General Conference

Kuzemko, C.

Exploring the Politics of Low Carbon Energy Transition
September 2013 | 7th European Consortium for Political Research General Conference

Lockwood, M.

Paying for climate policy: The case for long-term public borrowing
September 2013 | Juncture online edition

Peters, M., Fudge, S. and Hoffman, S.

The persistent challenge of encouraging public participation in the low-carbon transition
August 2013 | Carbon Management

Lockwood, M.

The Political Sustainability of Climate Policy: The case of the UK
August 2013 | Global Environmental Change

Kern, F., Kuzemko, C. and Mitchell, C.

Measuring and Explaining Policy Paradigm Change: the Case of UK Energy Policy
August 2013 | Public Policy

Mitchell, C.

How to Change the Balance of Power
July 2013 | New Statesman Century Edition

Soutar, I., Hoggett, R., Devine Wright, P., Fudge, S. and Mitchell, C.

Submission by the Energy Policy Group and Environment and Sustainability Research Group of the University of Exeter to the Call for Evidence concerning a Community Energy Strategy.
July 2013

Piria, R., Lorenzoni, A., Mitchell, C., Timpe, C., Klessmann, C., Resch, G., Groscurth, H., Neuhoff, K., Ragwitz, M., Gonzalez, P., Cowart, R. and Leprich, U.

Ensuring renewable electricity investments: 14 policy principles for a post-2020 perspective
guilty of I was I bundles. One was April 2013

Hoffman, S., Fudge, S., Pawlisch, L., High-Pippert, A., Peters, M., Haskard, J.

Public Values and Community Energy: Lessons from the US and UKApril 2013 | Sustainability

Mitchell, C.

Review of Dieter Helm's The Carbon Crunch: How we're getting climate change wrong - and how to fix it
March 2013 | Juncture

Kuzemko, C.

Energy and Depoliticisation: the Forgotten Public Policy Issue
March 2013 | paper at the Political Science Association Annual Conference, Cardiff

Mitchell, C.

Comment Piece to The Daily Mirror on Energy Bill
February 2013 | The Daily Mirror 20th February 2013

Mitchell, C.

Evidence The House of Commons Public Bill Committee on the Energy Bill oral evidence from Tuesday 15 January 2013
January 2013 | House of Commons


Kitzing, L., Morthorst, E. and Mitchell, C.

Renewable Energy Policies in Europe: converging or diverging?
December 2012 | Energy Policy

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How can a post-2015 agreement drive real change? the political economy of global commitments
November 2012 |Oxfam Discussion Paper

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Climate change mitigation policy paradigms—national objectives and alignments.
October 2012 | Mitigation and Adaption Strategies for Global Change

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Carbon management, local governance and community engagement.
August 2012 | Carbon Management

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Written Evidence to the Pre-Legislative Scrutiny of Draft Energy Bill.
July 2012 |House of Commons

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Reset or Restart? The Impact of Fukishima on the Japanese and German Energy Sectors.
July 2012 | Summary

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Heat in Homes: customer choice in fuel and technologies
July 2012

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The Key Energy Policy Issues for Energy Security in the UK: Summary Report.
June 2012

Consumer Focus, SSE, University of Exeter and WWF

Securing the UK’s Power Supplies: how to do it successfully, sustainably and cost-effectively.
June 2012 | Joint communiqué from CF, SSE, EPG, WWF

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Japanese energy policy stands at a crossroads
May 2012| The Guardian 2 May 2012

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Learning to tackle climate change
May 2012 | Institute of Development Studies

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Comment to BBC on Energy Bill
May 2012 | BBC News | Energy bill avoids carbon pledge

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Security, the State and Political Agency: Putting ‘Politics’ back into UK Energy’,
April 2012: Paper for the Political Science Association (PSA) Annual Conference, Belfast

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GB Electricity Demand – realising the resource: DECC Electricity Demand Data Source, Summary Note
March 2012 | Sustainability First

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Who is in charge of Britain's energy policy?
February 2012| The Guardian 28 February 2012

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The potential for community groups to promote sustainable living.
2012 | International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, 6(8), 35-53

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Skills Report: Prospects for Skills in the Environment Sector. Strengthening the Environment Sector.
December 2011 | Cornwall Development Company

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UK energy governance in the twenty-first century: unravelling the ties that bind
October 2011 | PhD Thesis | Warwick University

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Paradigms, Policy and Governance: the Politics of Energy Regulation in the UK Post-2000.
August 2011 | Environmental Policy and Governance

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Learning from Experience? The development of the Renewables Obligation in England and Wales 2002 – 2010.
July 2011 | Energy Policy

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Comment to Daily Telegraph on Fuel Bills
July 2011 | The Daily Telegraph

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Behaviour change in the UK climate debate: an assessment of responsibility, agency and political dimensions.
June 2011 | Sustainability 

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The Key Energy Policy Issues for Energy Security in the UK: Summary Report@@@@@
June 2011 | The Consumer Association 

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Should nuclear play a bigger part in the future energy mix and can it attract investment in a competitive market?June 2011 | The House, No. 1387, Vol 36, p39

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Does the framing of climate policies make a difference to public support? Evidence from marginal constituencies in the UK.
June 2011 | Climate Policy

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The Key Energy Policy Issues for Energy Security in the UK.
June 2011 | The Consumer Association

Baker, P.E., Mitchell, C. and Woodman, B.

Project TransmiT: Academic Review of Transmission Charging Arrangements Gas and Electricity Markets Authority (OFGEM)
April 2011 

Mitchell, C.

Nuclear power is the reason for the new energy regulations
March 2011| The Guardian 11 March 2011

Jim Skea, Jeff Hardy, Rob Gross, Catherine Mitchell, Phil Baker, Nick Eyre, Paul Ekins

UKERC Response to the 2011 DECC Electricity Market Reform

March 2011 | UKERC 

Woodman, B.

Comment to Daily Telegraph on Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network
January 2011 | The Daily Telegraph

Mitchell, C., et al.

Expert Report on Connection and Charging Arrangements for Transmission Networks to input to Project TransmiT

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Energy Policy Group, University of Exeter response to the Electricity Market Reform Consultation

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UK must shake off the dominance of the energy giants
December 2010| The Guardian 12 December 2010

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Creative Destruction: Placing innovation at the heart of progressive economics
December 2010 | Institute for Public Policy Research

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Mobilising community action towards a low-carbon future: Opportunities and challenges for local government in the UK
December 2010 | Energy Policy, 38 (12) 7596-7603

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UK microgeneration Part II: technology overviews.
November 2010 | Proceedings of the Ice - Energy 163(4) 1751-223

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Funding the Future: the case for a pre-development capital fund for revenue-generating community renewables. A Policy Brief
November 2010 | UKERC NERN

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A tale of two Milibands: from environmental citizenship to a politics of the common good.
November 2010 | Political Quarterly

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Tackling fuel poverty during the transition to a low carbon economy
October 2010 | Joseph Rowntree Foundation

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Electricity Market Design for a Low-carbon Future
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