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If you would like to participate in any of our studies please email or call 01392 726449.

Current Research Projects

Currently Recruiting or Ongoing Projects

  • Investigation into how self-concepts and adaptability can explain and influence daily distress 
    • This study is about young adults’ self-concept that may link with your daily experiences of distress. This study aims to improve our understanding of how different self-concepts can influence and explain daily distress. This study will also help us understand the protective factors that can improve individuals’ sense of wellbeing in stressful situations.
    • We are looking for participants aged between 18-24 years to complete an online task activity and questionnaires. This should take around 30 – 45mins to complete. As a thank you note, you can join the Amazon prize draw worth £25 (four allocations).
    • Click on this link to start the study experiment
  • ESMI-II: The effectiveness of cost-effectiveness of community perinatal mental health services: NIHR funded this project to investigate the effectiveness of perinatal mental health services in improving mothers’ access to treatment and mother and infant outcomes. HTTP://WWW.ESMI2.ORG.UK/ABOUT/
  • Postnatal depression in the community: expanding access to support project: Funded by South West Academic Health Science Network, this project aims to examine the impact of taking part in an online training course on the knowledge and competencies of individuals who work with women experiencing postnatal depression symptoms. Online course: Addressing Postnatal Depression Free Online Course - FutureLearn
  • DO-BAT: Digital delivery of Behavioural Activation to overcome depression and facilitate social and economic transitions of adolescents in LMICs (DoBAT) : website:
  • Self and Identity in Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse
    • Researchers from the University of Exeter are conducting an online study with adult male survivors of child sexual abuse that aims to investigate factors related to recovery in adults who experienced child sexual abuse. It is hoped that this study will add to the growing body of research into the mechanisms that put male child sexual abuse survivors at a disadvantage in terms of recovery.   
    • Participation is voluntary, anonymous, and confidential. The online study does not record IP addresses, participants’ locations, or times of study completion. All participants are invited to read the information sheet prior to deciding about taking part. Also, I can confirm anyone taking part will have the right to withdraw their data at any point without providing a reason.  
    • The study has been granted ethical approval by the School of Psychology at the University of Exeter’s ethical committee. The committee ensures the highest ethical standard of all research undertaken within Psychology at the University of Exeter.
    • Participants must be aged 18 or over.
    • A participant information sheet can be found here: Participant Information Sheet
    • Please click on the following link to find out more about this anonymous and confidential study:
  • STABILISE - Study of Therapy for Bipolar Inter-episode Symptoms: in this study we are developing a psychological therapy for people with bipolar who find that mood swings or low mood persist outside of full episodes of mania of depression. To find out more including how to take part please see our project webpage:

Past Projects:

If you would like to to find out about some of the past projects that have taken place at the Mood Disorders Centre please visit Past Projects

'Take Part':

If you are interested in exploring additional opportunities to get involved with research then visit the University of Exeter's 'Take Part' webpages. We are always looking for support and there are numerous ways to get involved, from participating in a research studies to attending a public lecture.