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The Mood Disorders Centre is committed to translating the best available knowledge about mood disorders to:

  • Develop evidence-based therapies,
  • Disseminate evidence-based therapies and
  • Improve access to psychological therapies.

Part of this commitment involves training clinical researchers and therapists in areas where we have developed expertise.

Research Training by MPhil/PhD

The faculty working in the Mood Disorders Centre all offer supervision to PhD students in areas related to their research interests. A PhD by research in the Mood Disorders Centre involves undertaking a programmatic series of research studies, regular supervision and participation in the Centre's regular scholarly and management meetings.

To apply for a studentship first please contact the faculty member you would like to work with to establish if she or he is able to take on new students and that you can work up a proposal together. If a good research match exists and the faculty member is able to take on new students the next step is to apply formally and explore possible sources of funding. Find out more about PhD study.

Clinical Education Development and Research (CEDAR)

CEDAR offers a range of postgraduate training programmes.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) workshops & seminars

CEDAR and the Mood Disorders Centre will be presenting a number of workshops over based on the research and new therapies being developed in the Clinical Group.  Please visit the workshops and events pages for more information on what events are taking place.