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Aristotle’s Hylomorphism

My research project focuses on Aristotle’s distinction between matter and form (hylomorphism) and its implication for Aristotle’s philosophy as a whole. The project lies at the intersection between Aristotelian scholarship and contemporary metaphysics, and is intended to expand my years-long research on Aristotle’s notion of substance. I am mainly interested in two aspects of Aristotle’s hylomorphism. First, I wish to clarify the nature of matter and form in light of a number of notions that are central in modern metaphysical debates, such as parthood, identity, and essentialism. Second, I am interested in exploring the way Aristotle uses the hylomorphic machinery not only to explain the coming to be and structure of material objects, but also as a general explanatory tool that could potentially be applied to areas other  physics or metaphysics. More particularly, I am considering the application of hylomorphism to such areas of Aristotle’s philosophy as mathematics, linguistics, aesthetics and politics.

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