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CATCh-uS Mapping study - map of services

Map of services

Our 2018 mapping survey has now closed. A huge thank you to more than 2500 people with ADHD, parents, carers, clinicians and commissioners who have let us know about services for adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in the UK. Full findings will be made available in 2019. In the meantime please follow us on Twitter #catchusADHD for updates.

Note: the map below shows dedicated NHS adult services (group A), other adult NHS services (group B) and private, voluntary and non-adult NHS services (group C). Please enlarge this map for a clearer view and to filter which group, A, B or C is displayed. 

Browse map for services in your region (from 2018 survey)

Please send mapping updates to Correspondence will be collated and processed late in 2019

Disclaimer: This list was created in 2018, and is intended for use as a tool/aid. It is a work in progress and not definitive.