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CATCh-uS Qualitative study

In the qualitative stream, we have interviewed professionals, young people and parents to explore their views and experiences about the transition process. We purposively sampled 33 professionals: 18 from children’s services and 15 from adult services, with different prior experience with transition reported through the surveillance study. We have completed 13 interviews with GPs and have booked in two more. The recruitment of 60 to 75 young people and 25 parents took place at eleven different sites. As well as carers, we will targeted three different groups of young people:

1) Young people attending children’s services prior to age of maximal drop out from services (14-16 years old),

2) Young people who recently successfully transferred directly to adult services, and

3) Young adults who dropped-out and re-entered the system in their early to mid-twenties.

The semi-structured interviews followed a topic guide including the use of NICE guidelines and other established guidance that aims to promote optimal transitions, and reduce perceived barriers and facilitators to the transition of care for young people with ADHD out of children’s services.

Data analysis was carried out using Framework Analysis.

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