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Research and ADHD stories

ADHD stories

We have some infomative and interesting videos about the research and advice about ADHD, to view these, click on the title below and press 'play' on the video. The research team would like to thank Mike Price for all his hard work in creating these videos.

Advice about transition from some re-engaged Young Adult ADHD patients

Advice about moving to adult ADHD services:

"...try and get into adult services and see if there is anything they can do for you, because don't ever leave yourself in the dark..."

Aged 26

Advice about moving to adult ADHD services while pregnant:

"...I wish I'd never stopped going, that's one of my regrets"

Aged 19

Advice about leaving CAMHS early:

"...just don't [leave], it's a honest with your feelings and emotions"

Aged 25

Advice about moving to adult ADHD services:

"...explore all opportunities, not every type of treatment will work for everyone"

Aged 25