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Household Supplier Energy Market (HoSEM) Study

We are looking for volunteers who have an interest in renewable energy to take part in a discussion group (focus group) study. Our project examines how technology can be used to enable a new renewable energy market. Ultimately, it aims to build and test a technology-based system that will allow individuals to trade renewable electricity directly between themselves. It could also enable community owned projects to sell electricity directly to their members.

As part of building and testing this new technology, we want to talk to people who have an interest in renewable energy. As a result of the focus group, we hope to find out more about people’s perceptions of the technology that will underpin the trading system. We would like to find out people’s opinions about what might be good or bad about the technology. We would also like to find out whether and how people think the technology is different to what they would normally do. Interested participants don’t need to have any knowledge or experience of technology to take part.

We are looking for different types of people – who have an interest in renewables – to take part. For example, you might have: renewable energy generators (e.g., solar panels) installed on your property, or invested in a community energy project, or considered joining a “green energy” tariff. The focus group is expected to last between 90 minutes and 2 hours. The exact length depends on the amount of discussion within the group. Participants will receive £20 to compensate for their time.

If you would like to participate in the research, or want more information, please contact Denise Wilkins (