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Social Sciences

Creating a legal and regulatory framework for interconnections between stock exchanges: A comparative study of the UK and Taiwan

1 January 2016 - 31 July 2016

PI/s in Exeter: Dr Joseph Lee

Funding awarded: £ 4,420

Sponsor(s): British Academy

About the research

Connecting the activities of stock exchanges across international borders to provide greater and more efficient trading platforms is an innovation that will reshape global capital markets and create a new regulatory sphere. The project, drawing on law, finance, and computer technology expertise from Taiwan, the UK and other European countries, investigates the opportunities, obstacles, and regulatory solutions for connecting systems and processes of stock exchanges across jurisdictions.

This collaboration has three aims:

  • to examine the systems and processes of exchanges operating in Taiwan and the UK;
  • to identify policy concerns and strategic plans for the two countries;
  • to assess whether alternative models using newly-developed technology could be more effective, using the UK-Taiwan connection as a prime example.

The project will address this timely issue from European and Asian perspectives and initiate long-term academic-industry collaboration between Taiwan and legal and financial specialists in selected EU countries and the UK.