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Training sessions

We offer bespoke briefings to suit your needs eg, one-on-one discussions, short sessions during a discipline meeting, or longer stand-alone sessions. Please take a look at our recorded sessions below, or contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


Data Conversations: An informal discussion between researchers sharing their experiences of managing research data.

Data Management Planning and DMPonline: An introduction to research data management, with a focus on data management planning, and a demonstration of DMPonline.

Lightning Talk - Data Management Plans: A brief introduction to Data Management Plans (DMPs), why they are important, and how you can write one.

Lightning Talk - Open Data: A brief overview of Open Data and why it is important.

Lightning Talk - Managing Data During Your Project: A discussion on how to effectively manage your data during your project, covering how to name your files, version control, and where to store your data.

Lightning Talk - Preserving And Sharing Your Data: An overview on how to preserve your data in a repository, how to license your data, and how to include a data access statement in your publications.

Lightning Talk - University and Funder Data Requirements: - An overview of the University and research funder requirements regarding research data.


How Do I Manage My Research Data?: An introduction to research data management, explaining why it is important, and what researchers need to do.


Open research guidance for researchers: A guide that has been designed to help you understand what you need to do regarding Open Research, ensuring that you meet the University and research funder requirements.