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Research Secondees

Sam Jones

Sam is a Research Fellow at the University of Exeter Medical School. His main research focus is on the genetics of sleep and sleep-related traits, with the intention of untangling the complex web of cause and effect between sleep and several metabolic disorders, including obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Samuel's current research is based on the UK Biobank data; a cohort of 500,000 individuals with genetic information along with a comprehensive set of details about their lifestyles and health conditions (see the UK Biobank website).

Joel Tabak

I am a physicist by training, who got lured into neuroscience after playing with artificial neural network models. I am now a computational neuroscientist, using both mathematical models and experimental tools to understand neural and neuroendocrine systems.

I look for general principles that govern the activity of these systems, at the single cell level and at the network level. Finding such principles of operation will boost our ability to understand and treat mental illness.

See Joel's latest blog post here.