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The University of Exeter is a scientific hub for the South-West region and is open for collaboration, contract research, facilities access, trialling interventions and consultancy. Whether examining genetic pathways, screening for novel drug-targets, creating diagnostic or digital tools, or undertaking clinical trials for drugs or medical devices, the University strives to develop strategic partnerships for specific projects, indications and technologies across a number of sectors.

To support collaboration with industry, the LSI hosts the Translational Research Exchange @ Exeter (TREE) programme. This includes a dedicated Industrial Research Team whose goals are:

1. To enable the translation of biomedical research toward real-world use and/or its commercialisation.

2. To develop industry relationships whereby large corporations/SMEs can access the University’s expertise and capabilities.

Our strategies focus on the translation of the University's world-class biomedical research to create an outstanding environment where educators, innovators and researchers coalesce, enabling University start-ups and partnerships with industry and other key stakeholders to flourish. The Industrial Research Team aims to build and strengthen industry partnerships, encouraging early engagement between researchers and industrial partners to enhance the potential for meaningful collaborations.

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