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Rougemont Hotel, Exeter

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IDSAI: Health Data Day

For internal University of Exeter staff and students only

An Institute for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence workshop
Date23 September 2019
Time9:45 to 16:30
PlaceRougemont Hotel, Exeter

The IDSAI will be hosting a Health Data Day on 23rd September to bring together researchers from across Exeter with interests in health and data science approaches to address health challenges.

The event will provide opportunity for colleagues from CMH to pitch data-related problems and opportunities afforded by the rich datasets held within the College, or by our key clinical partners, for consideration by computer scientists and statisticians.

In return, data scientists will introduce cutting edge methods and approaches which may be ripe for application in health research. Ideas for potential collaborative research projects will be explored via group discussion and plenary feedback.

We hope this event will facilitate the formation of new research partnerships across CMH and CEMPS, leading to innovative research ideas and future bids for funding.

To register to attend the event please complete the registration form by Friday 6th September.

ProviderInstitute for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

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