Professorial pay

A recent review of professorial pay has created a structured approach to the reward of professors within the University, achieving greater transparency and ensuring the process fully meets equality and diversity standards - find out more.

Discounts for University staff

University of Exeter staff can benefit from a range of discounts on campus and from local suppliers. Please see the Staff Life webpages to find out full details.

Please note that the University does not endorse any of the companies offering discounts.

Shopping, holiday and days out discounts

For further information on staff discounts and to request access to the employee benefits platform, please contact the Pay & Benefits team on ext 3413. 

Childcare vouchers

The University offers employees the opportunity to purchase childcare vouchers via salary sacrifice. Find out more on our Parents and Carers webpages.

Long Service Award

Staff within Grades B-D receive a Long Service Award of £100 after twenty years' continuous service and an additional £100 after 40 years' continuous service. Staff are able to purchase an item of their choosing up to these values and on production of a receipt, the cost is reimbursed.

University Pension and Pension Salary Exchange

The University offers a Pension Salary Exchange scheme for members of USS and ERBS. For further information about these and other pension schemes, please visit our Pensions webpages. After three complete calendar months of employment, all employees of the University who are contributing members of USS or ERBS will automatically become participants in Pension Salary Exchange, subject to the right to opt-out within the defined window period or in the event that a ‘life-changing’ event occurs.