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Privileges and responsibilities of honorary appointments

Honorary appointments may:

  • Use the University library,
  • use the staff facilities in Reed Hall,
  • by agreement with the College Dean, use facilities in the College, and,
  • include their status as an Honorary member of the University of Exeter in any publications.

However, they are requested not to use the University brand (ie headed paper, compliments slips etc) in correspondence with third parties as this may imply that the research has been conducted under the auspices of University.

Honorary Professors and Clinical Honorary Professors may:

Honorary Professors and Honorary Clinical Professors are entitled to the use of the courtesy title of ‘Professor’.

It should be noted that Honorary Professors are not established chairs or personal chairs and consequently Honorary Professors may indicate their title designation as eg “Professor J.T Smith, Honorary Clinical Professor” but NOT “Professor J.T Smith, Professor of Experimental Cardiology”.


During the course of their honorary appointment, an honorary appointment will potentially be privy to information (in written, verbal and electronic form) which is confidential to the University and its employees and/or third party information which the University and its employees are under contractual obligations to maintain as confidential (“Confidential Information”). It is a condition of an honorary appointment that they agree to keep all Confidential Information strictly confidential and not disclose it to any third party without the written consent of the University, and that the honorary appointment indemnify the University in respect of any claims, damages, losses or costs incurred as a consequence of any unauthorised disclosure by then of any Confidential Information.

For further information about confidentiality, contact the Legal Office.

Intellectual Property

In the event that the honorary appointment create some intellectual property with commercial potential either in collaboration with an Exeter employee or independently in the course of their research, the University’s Intellectual Property Policy will apply.

If you have any queries please contact the IP Manager.


If the honorary appointment conducts research independently at the University they will be bound by the University’s Code of Conduct for Research and must obtain ethical approval where appropriate. Honorary appointments will not be covered by the University’s professional indemnity insurance.