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Skilled Worker (Tier 2) Managers

If you are currently a manager of an employee who is sponsored by the University under the Points Based System there are several obligations that the University requires your support with to ensure that it meets its obligations relating to monitoring immigration status and migrant contact details, record keeping and reporting changes to the UKVI.

The University can be visited at anytime to verify compliance with these obligations.  Sanctions for non-compliance include demotion from an A-rated to B-rated sponsor or de-registration.  Imposition of such sanctions would jeopardise the University's ability to employ international staff.

Your support and co-operation as Line Manager is required, to ensure the University complies with its sponsor obligations.  In particular, please be aware that you must report the following by email to the HR Immigration Team immediately:

  • If they do not turn up for their first day of work (including a delay in their start date) and the reason the migrant gives for non-attendance (for example, a missed flight).
  • If they are absent from work for more than 10 consecutive days for any reason.
  • If their contract of employment ends (including if they resign or are dismissed). Please inform us of the name and address of any new employer or institution that they have joined, if you know it. Please complete the leaver notification form.
  • If we stop sponsoring them for any reason (for example, if they move into an immigration category with a different sponsor or one that does not need a sponsor or obtain unlimited leave to remain or UK citizenship).
  • If there are any significant changes to circumstances - for example, a change in job, a change in salary (but not an annual increment/pay rise), a change in FTE (reduction from full-time to part-time) or a change in work location, you must tell us in writing or by email.
  • If you have any information which suggests that they are breaching the conditions of their leave.

This will ensure we meet our legal obligations as employers. 

Please be aware that all employees working under a Certificate of Sponsorship issued by the University have obligations, which informs them that failure to report any of the above may result in disciplinary action.

Equally, if you are aware of any change of circumstances as above but fail to report this to HR, this may also lead to disciplinary action given the serious consequences for the University.