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Visa reimbursement scheme

The University has introduced a Visa Reimbursement Scheme for employees on Global Talent Visas and Skilled Worker visas.

The purpose of the Visa Reimbursement Scheme is to support new and current employees on Global Talent and Skilled Worker visas with the cost of their visa and the Immigration Health Surcharge.

The scheme applies to: 

  • new employees requiring a Global Talent or Skilled Worker visa
  • current employees who are renewing their Global Talent or Skilled Worker visas
  • current Global Talent and Skilled Worker visa holders who are applying for indefinite leave to remain.
The maximum amount that you can claim depends on the type of visa, length of your visa and whether you are applying within the UK or outside the UK, as shown in the tables below. 

These rates apply to new employees starting their employment on or after 1 December 2020 and current employees who submit an application to UKVI for a visa extension or for indefinite leave to remain on or after 1 December 2020.

Global Talent Visa* 

 UK or Overseas Application 

1 year 

Up to £1,751

2 years 

Up to £2,070

3 years 

Up to £3,105

4 years 

Up to £4,140

5 years 

Up to £5,175

* Global Talent Visa applicants can choose how long they want to apply for, up to a maximum of 5 years. However, the University will only reimburse in line with your contract duration.

Skilled Worker visa 

 UK Application 

Overseas Application 

Up to 3-year visa 

up to £3,923


up to £3,824


Up to 5-year visa 

up to £6,675 


up to £6,595


Indefinite leave to remain 



If the actual cost you have incurred for your visa and Immigration Health Surcharge is less than the figure shown then the University will reimburse the actual cost of your visa and the Immigration Health Surcharge.

Please note that additional costs for Biometric Appointments, English Language Tests, NARIC statements or priority services cannot be claimed under the Visa Reimbursement Scheme.

New Employees 

For new employees, tax will not be deducted from your visa reimbursement claim. 

If your actual costs are greater than the maximum payment shown above, you will not be able to reclaim the excess from your relocation allowance. 

If you are not entitled to the relocation assistance scheme you will be entitled to visa reimbursement as detailed above. 

Current Employees 

For current employees, visa reimbursement is taxable, which means that deductions will be made for income tax and national insurance. 

If you started work at the University on a different visa, for example Student/Tier 4 visa, and have switched to a Global Talent or Skilled Worker visa following the commencement of your employment, you will be treated as a current employee. 

Dependant/Spouse applications 

To support international staff with visa costs, we have introduced an interest free loan scheme to help with the cost of dependant visas for immediate family members, up the maximum of £10,000.  

It will not be possible to provide the loan in advance. Loan repayments will be on a sliding scale: 

  • 12 months for 1 dependent 
  • 24 months for 2 dependents 
  • 36 months for 3 dependents 

Other Conditions 

The University’s visa reimbursement scheme and interest free loan scheme is not contractual and the University reserves the right to amend or withdraw the scheme. 

The tax treatment of visa reimbursement may change to take account of revised tax guidance.


Payment will be made through the University payroll at the earliest opportunity:

For UK bank accounts, payments received by accounts payable (via payroll) before lunchtime on Tuesday will be paid on Friday the same week.

For overseas bank accounts, payments cannot be guaranteed to arrive the same week. Processing into overseas bank accounts varies depending on Country, Currency and individual banks and can take up to 14 days or more.

Claims received after the Tuesday deadline will be processed by accounts payable the following week.

Repayment upon resignation

If you resign from your employment with the University 3 years of the visa reimbursement or interest free loan (this includes visa extensions), you will be required to repay the visa reimbursement and interest free loan to the University according to the following scale: 

  • Resignation during first year: 75% 
  • Resignation within second year: 50% 
  • Resignation within third year: 25% 

You will be sent a claim form for the Visa Reimbursement Scheme and the interest free loan when you join the University (for new appointments) or when you are sent your Certificate of Sponsorship (for current appointments). If you are applying for indefinite leave to remain, please contact