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Funding for reasonable adjustments


It is the responsibility of the employer to fund any reasonable adjustments required. The individual is not required to pay towards these costs. Most reasonable adjustments have minimal or no cost. Where they do, funding comes from two main sources.

It is the manager's responsibiltiy to ensure that  reasonable adjustments and funding are appropriately managed within this context.

Funding for most reasonable adjustments is the responsibility of the college or service in which the individual works. Each area has a different authorisation system in place. Line managers should have access to this information.

Access to Work is a programme run by the Department of Work and Pensions to support disabled people and those with long-term physical or mental health conditions in obtaining ‘reasonable adjustments’ so they are not disadvantaged when doing their job. In most cases they will pay a portion of reasonable adjustments up to a cap.

Funds are also available for transportation to and from work under certain circumstance if somebody is not able to drive or use public transport.

There are two elements to the Access to Work programme:

  • Access to work- for individuals who have a diagnosis and to require additional support if the support required is not covered by   the employer
  • Access to Work - mental health provision- A free confidential service delivered by Remploy funded by the Department for Work and Pensions available to any employee with depression, anxiety, stress or other mental health issue affecting their work. Available for any individual whose mental health difficulties are interfering with their ability to work. No diagnosis required.

Note The application for Access to Work must be made by the member of staff concerned and no one else.

For further information for staff and their managers about accessing Access to Work, please see here.

Alterations or adaptations to the University of Exeter physical estate, such as the building of a ramp or the installation of buttons which enable doors to be opened automatically, should be requested through the usual process.

Please note: disability-related alterations should be given priority over routine maintenance works, so it should be made clear that this is a disability-related request.