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Occupational Health


The situation is evolving continually so we advise you to look up the most up-to-date information on the University’s Coronavirus webpage and the Government website.

COVID-19 Vaccine - You can find details of the Government vaccination programme on the NHS COVID-19 Vaccination website.

The Occupational Health team is here to support our staff as we adapt to a new way of working in uncertain times and challenging situations. As such, the Occupational Health team will continue to provide our usual service to staff although some of it may look a little different.



Many colleagues have returned to campus, with still more making the transition. For guidance on returning, please see the University's COVID-19 Information pages

Before coming onto campus, it may be helpful complete your COVID-age assessment and, if have a high or very High COVID-19 age or have answered 'yes' to one of five health questions, please complete the COVID-19 Age Individual Vulnerability Risk Assessment. Please read the full guidance before progressing. (The Occupational Health Team can support colleagues and their managers who are unable to agree adjustments in the workplace. Please only email us where you are unable to agree adjustments with your manager.)

If you are a manager, this may be a challenging time for you and your staff. Please see here for more information for managers: Working on Campus – Guidance for Managers, with specific guidance for managers supporting staff with disabilities as well as the Manager's Toolkit for supporting staff as they return to campus.

Please note, the Occupational Health team is available for all staff to talk to if you find your are struggling at this time with anxiety about the curent situation. Please send an email to our confidential inbox and one of or Advisors will be in touch. Please see here for more information about self referral and here for managment referral information.

Whether you are returning to campus or working from home, it's important to have your workstation set up correctly. Please see here for guidance on correct workstation set up and complete the Workstation/DSE Assessment.

If you've been working from home for any length of time you might have found you're staying seated a lot more than usual. It's important to keep moving so take a look at the Colleague Wellbeing self-care page for advice on how to stay active.

We have now returned to offering face-to-face appointments for both management referrals and health surveillance.

We are working our way through the backlog of health surveillance screenings we were not able to conduct over lockdown - please bear with us as it may take some time to clear.

We can still offer management referral appointments via Teams or over the phone if this is preferred.

In light of the current situation, we are aware you may just want to ask a quick question. In these cases, Occupational Health can provide signposting and support.

If you would like to contact us to discuss a work-related health matter (or a sensitive matter), please initially email the confidential Occupational Health inbox ( and one of our advisers will be in touch. If you have a disability and require additional support or to discuss something please contact the staff Disability Adviser at

Please also remember that you can access further assistance from Spectrum Life which can be accessed 24/7 for telephone counselling via our online portal, as well as offering a range of well-being resources and guides.

For ongoing mild to moderate depression and anxiety it may also be appropriate to contact local NHS Every Mind Matters.

For some people COVID is a flu-like illness with no after effects. However, some people are experiencing longer term symptoms find these have a significant impact on their daily function, this may be referred to as “long COVID”.  However, this should be assessed and diagnosed by a medical professional.  Many viral illnesses can cause ongoing symptoms, even after the initial virus seems to have passed, this is to be expected.  Post COVID, it seems these symptoms can be more severe or variable.  

For more information about this condition, please see this guidance.