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Tel: 01392 722666

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Occupational Health

The Occupational Health team is here to support our staff as we adapt to a new way of working in uncertain times and challenging situations.

The Neurodiversity Café is a social group that is open to any staff member or PGR student who identifies as neurodivergent. The Neurodiversity Café was launched on Monday 13th March and we meet monthly.  We will meet online until the end of Term 3.  This term’s dates are:

Tuesday 16th May (12.30 – 1.30, Teams)

Thursday 15th June (12.30 – 1.30, Teams)

Tuesday 18th July (12.30 – 1.30, Teams)

To receive a Teams link for these meetings and get more information about the Neurodiversity Café please fill in this Microsoft Form.

Whether you are working on campus, working from home or both, it's important to have your workstation set up correctly. Please see here for guidance on correct workstation set up and complete the Workstation/DSE Assessment.

If you've been working from home for any length of time you might have found you're staying seated a lot more than usual. It's important to keep moving so take a look at the Colleague Wellbeing self-care page for advice on how to stay active.

For some people COVID is a flu-like illness with no after effects. However, some people are experiencing longer term symptoms find these have a significant impact on their daily function, this may be referred to as “long COVID”.  However, this should be assessed and diagnosed by a medical professional.  Many viral illnesses can cause ongoing symptoms, even after the initial virus seems to have passed, this is to be expected.  Post COVID, it seems these symptoms can be more severe or variable.  

For more information about this condition, please see this guidance.