Calendar 2022/23


26 Powers of the Boards of Faculties

Subject to the Statutes and Ordinances the Board of each Faculty shall have the following powers:

1. To regulate, subject to review by the Senate, the teaching and learning in the areas of academic responsibility assigned to the Faculty and including recommendation of amendment to the TQA manual

2. To approve on behalf of the Senate persons for appointment as Examiners.

3. To recommend to Senate amendments to the  Ordinances and regulations, disciplinary and other procedures for students and to approve amendments to Regulations governing academic programmes dealing with courses of study for Degrees and other distinctions and on any questions relating to the work of the Faculty. 

4. To make recommendations to Senate for the award of academic programmes (other than Honorary Degrees). 

5. To consider any matters relating to the Faculty referred to or delegated to it by the Senate and to express opinions on such references or such other matters as seem relevant to it.