Calendar 2022/23

This page lists the membership of Authorities and Committees of the University.


Quentin Woodley (2025) (Chair)

Professor Lisa Roberts

Professor Janice M Kay CBE (2024)

Professor Mark Goodwin (stood down January 2023)

Sir Richard Atkins (2023)

Jo Binding (2025)

Sarah Buck OBE (2023)

Shades Chaudhary (2024)

Nicholas Cheffings (2025)

Graham Cole CBE (2023)

Dr Barrie Cooper (2024)

Lounette Dyer (2024)

Professor Alex Gerbasi (2023)

Andrew Greenway (2025)

Georgi Griskeviciene (2023)

Salam Katbi (2024)

Lily Margaroli (2023)

Amoetsoe Mkwena (2023)

Professor Sue Prince (2025)

Professor Tim Quine (2026)

Alison Reed (2025)

Malcolm Skingle (2025)

Glenn Woodcock (2024)



Vice-Chancellor (Chair)
Professor Jo Bowtell
Professor Jon Brown
1Professor Henry Buller (2026)
Professor Dan Charman
1Professor Barrie Cooper (2026)
Professor Fiona Cox
1Dr Safi Darden (2024)
2Emma de Saram
2Izzie Dyer
Professor Isabelle Engeli
Professor Richard Everson
1Professor Adam Feldman (2024)
1Dr Joao Florencio (2024)
Professor Richard Follett
1Dr Daniel Fountain (2026)
Professor Rob Freathy
1Professor Ruth Garside (2026)
1Professor William Gaze (2024)
Professor Alex Gerbasi
Professor Neil Gow
2Georgi Griskeviciene
Professor Dave Hodgson
Professor Claire Hulme
James Hutchinson
1Professor Ilke Inceoglu (2024)
1Professor David Jones (2026)
1Dr Ioanna Kapantai (2026)
Professor Janice Kay
Professor Karen Knapp
Professor Sallie Lamb
Professor Rebecca Langlands
Professor Li Li
2Jack Liversedge
Professor Joasia Luzak
2Lily Margaroli
Professor Andrew McRae
Professor Jane Milling
1Professor Anna Mountford-Zimdars (2024)
1Professor Tim Naylor (2026)
1Professor Fabrizio Nevola (2026)
Professor Enrico Onali
2Kira Orchard
1Professor Christine Parkin Hughes (2026)
1Dr Samuel Pollard (2024)
1Professor Sue Prince (2026)
Professor Tim Quine
1Dr Maisha Reza (2026)
1Dr Abby Russell (2026)
1Professor Clare Saunders (2024)
Professor Richard Smith
Professor Joanne Smith
Professor Gareth Stansfield
Professor Nick Stone
1Dr Sharon Strawbridge (2024)
Professor Ion Sucala
Professor Naomi Sykes
2Lauren Taylor
1Professor Chrissie Thirlwell (2024)
Professor Nicola Thomas
Professor Geoff Vallis
Professor Anni Vanhatalo
Professor James Wakefield
Professor Adam Watt
1Professor Linda Williams (2024)
Professor Mark Wilson
1Professor Ben Zissimos (2024)
Registrar and Secretary (non-voting)

Date of expiry of appointment shown after elected members' names
Student member


Terms of Reference for JCCN can be found here- JCCN | Trade Unions | University of Exeter 

Ms Sarah Buck OBE (Chair) (2023)
Vice-Chancellor (ex officio) 
Provost or a Deputy Vice-Chancellor (ex officio) 
Registrar and Secretary (ex officio) 
Director of Human Resources (ex officio)
Three representatives each of the University and College Union, Unite and Unison


Mr Nicholas Cheffings (Chair) (2025)
Mr Graham Cole CBE (2023)
Mr David Dupont (2023)
Mr Simon Enoch (2023)
Ms Alison Reed (2025)

Sir Richard Atkins, Pro-Chancellor (Chair) (ex-officio)
Quentin Woodley, Chair of Council (ex officio) 
Sarah Buck, Pro-Chancellor (ex officio) 
Salam Katbi, Independent member of Council
Graham Cole, Independent member of Council

Quentin Woodley, Chair, Independent member and Chair of Council (ex-officio)
Sir Richard Atkins, Pro-Chancellor (ex-officio)
Sarah Buck, Pro-Chancellor (ex officio) 
Professor Janice Kay, Provost and Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor (ex officio) 
Mike Shore-Nye, Registrar and Secretary (ex officio) 
Bettina Rigg, Independent Member (elected by all members of Council)
Professor Lisa Roberts, Vice Chancellor (ex officio) 


Professor Neil Gow, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Chair)
Chair of every College Research Ethics Committee (x10)
Member of Professional Services: Chris Lindsay
Member of Law: Dr Stephen Skinner
Deans of Taught Programmes and Postgraduate Research Faculties 
Chair of Animal Welfare and Ethical Review Board: Professor David Butler
Member of Senate: Professor Alex Gerbasi
Independent Member of Council: Professor Dame Caroline MacEwen
Independent Member: Vacant
President of the Students' Guild
Students' Union Exeter President