Calendar 2022/23


1 Admission of Students
2 University Awards
3 University Examinations
4 The Entrance Examination and Matriculation
5 The Conduct of Examinations
6 Academic Requirements
7 Titles of Degrees
8 Periods of Study before Graduation
9 Awards of the Camborne School of Mines Trust
10 Degrees Awarded after Undergraduate Study
11 Degrees Awarded after Advanced Study
12 Masters Degrees by Research
13 The Degrees of Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Philosophy by Publication, Doctor of Clinical Psychology, Doctor of Education, Doctor of Educational Psychology, Doctor of Clinical Research, Doctor of Clinical Practice, Doctor of Clinical Practice (Research), Doctor of Engineering and Engineering Doctorate
14 Higher Doctorates
15 Post Obitum Awards
16 Aegrotat Awards
17 The Office of Deputy Vice-Chancellor
18 Professors and Associate Professors
19 Emeritus Professors
20 The Senate
21 The Powers of the Senate
22 Election of Members of Senate
23 The Education Board and Postgraduate Research Board
24 The Dean of Taught Students and Dean of Postgrduate Research
25 The Education Board and Postgraduate Research Board
26 The Powers of the Education Board and Postgraduate Research Board
27 Faculties and other Academic Units
28 Pro-Vice-Chancellors & Executive Deanship of Faculties
29 Contracts
30 Joint Committees
31 Students' Guild
32 Alumni
33 Congregations
34 Disciplinary, Grievance and Dismissal Procedures:
Part I - Principles and Standards
Part II - Grievance Procedure
Part III - Disciplinary Procedure
Part IV - Capability/Performance Procedure
Part V - Ill Health/Incapacity Procedure
Part VI - Procedure for Non-Renewal of a Fixed Term Contract
Part VII - Redundancy Procedure
Part VIII - Procedure for Dismissal on Other Grounds
Part IX - Provisions as to the Vice-Chancellor
35 Staff Appeals
36 Retention of Status by Members of the Academic and Academic-Related Staffs after Early Retirement
37 Affiliation of Institutions
38 Programmes of Study Pursued Wholly or in Part in Institutions Associated with the University
39 Election to Council of Members of Staff other than Academic Staff