Calendar 2019/20

C - Library Regulations


Eligibility to use the Library Facilities and Resources


Full access

  • Members of the Council
  • Academic and related staff
  • Registered students

With Library agreement selected access

  • Alumni (on registration)
  • SCONUL Members (on registration)
  • Local Teachers (on registration)
  • External Borrowers (on registration)
  • Visitors


Copyright and Licencing


All users of Library materials are personally responsible for ensuring that they observe the requirements of the copyright legislation currently in force in the United Kingdom. Please see our guidelines at


All users are responsible for using all digital resources in an acceptable way. Please note that these may vary between individual publishers, so you may like to check the terms and conditions on the publisher's websites. Please see our guidelines at


Breaches result in a withdrawal of access to digital resources.


IT and information


Users of IT are required to abide by our university regulations at




The Library communicates with library users by email, phone and letter, as needed. The email address used for all members of the University will be that assigned by the University at IT registration.


Libraries on other campuses.


Members of the University using Penryn campus library are subject to the rules and regulations of that library which is operated by Exeter Falmouth Plus.


Members of the university using NHS libraries are subject to the rules and regulations of that library.




All library users are expected to follow our guidelines on fair and responsible use of the library at


The General Regulations for Students (including conduct) are at


Library users may be subject to a bag check if requested.



7.1 UniCard or Library Card is always needed for borrowing.
  UniCard conditions of use are available online at
7.2 Allowances, loan periods, renewals, recalls and fines
  Current details available online at



Borrowers are responsible for all items issued to their library account until the item has been recorded as returned on the Library management system.