Calendar 2022/23


22 Election of Members of Senate
22.1 The Colleges shall be responsible for the conduct of election of members of Senate under Ordinance 20(i).
22.2 All members of academic staff (as defined in Statutes, Section 1) shall be entitled to vote and eligible to stand for election to Senate.
22.3 Each College shall be entitled to elect four members of Senate.
22.4 Members of Senate elected by the Colleges shall be elected in such a way that there will be at least one representative from each of the non-Streatham campuses (Penryn, St Luke's and Truro).
22.5 Elected members of Senate shall serve for four years from the beginning of the academic year following election.
22.6 One half of the elected members shall retire bi-annually.
22.7 Casual vacancies shall be filled as prescribed in 22.1, and the person appointed to fill a casual vacancy shall serve for the unexpired term of the person who is replaced.