Many voices, one community

Many voices, one community

Many voices, one community

Everyone welcome

At the University of Exeter we welcome students from all over the world, from all different backgrounds. Our vibrant, diverse community will support you throughout your time at Exeter, from your academic tutors and support staff, to all of the friends you will meet along the way. Each of our students has a different story to tell and they are brought together by their determination to succeed.

Here are their stories.


"I came to university to escape an abusive household. I am so grateful for how much the university helped me - the staff genuinely care about not only my studies, but also me as a person."

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"Being a first-generation university student, I was worried about fitting in and making friends. Experiencing the campus on open days told me this was the university for me. The University took an active interest in me as a student, which put me at ease."

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"There are difficult days, but with the support of my friends and the university welfare team, I’m determined to embrace the challenges and use them to flourish."

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"Being from London I wanted to study somewhere different and I liked how homely it felt."

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"Exeter was the last university I visited, and I immediately knew I liked it. I could see myself in that environment and wanted to be a part of the community."

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"Living at home, I was concerned that I wouldn’t fit in. But I’ve met many people like me and have made some amazing friends."

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"I’d like to be a teacher in either Drama or Film, teaching at schools in deprived areas like the one I come from."

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"I fell in love with the campus and I’ve made friends that I know are lifelong."

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"It's a huge privilege to be taught by leaders and innovators in their respective fields"

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"The campus is great and the atmosphere is welcoming; you’ll be sure to spot several of your friends on your way to lectures."

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"I broke my spine and was lucky not to be paralysed. I wanted to be a doctor because of the help I got. You just need to get support behind you – you can do it."

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"I’ve had to juggle studying, working and looking after my daughter. Though it has been challenging, I don’t regret taking on this journey."

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Friendship at the University of Exeter

Building friendships with people from different countries, backgrounds and with different perspectives on life is an essential part of the university experience. Be inspired by these stories of diverse friendships. Watch the main film or individual stories below.

Rohan and Matvey

“The point about coming to uni was to be open to the world.”
Rohan is from America and studying Law and Matvey is from Russia and studying Anthropology.

Daniel and George

“I could have stayed in my room for the whole of freshers because I was so anxious but stepping out of your comfort zone socially is what really makes university.”
Daniel is studying Politics and George is studying Environmental Science in Penryn, Cornwall.

Mariam and Giselle

“This diversity of nationality, culture and background – I don’t know when else we’re going to get it.”
Mariam is studying Economics and Politics and Giselle is studying Law.

Anjli, Nour and Ercan

“It’s very interesting meeting people from India, Turkey, Japan… you learn something new every day.”
Anjli, Nour and Ercan are studying Business in Penryn, Cornwall.

Patrick and Penny

“It’s really quite incredible, how university creates this open space which you meet people from all over the world.”
Patrick is President and Penny is VP Education at the Students’ Guild.

Adam and Grace

“I spent the first six months of university making the same sort of friends… until I realised I don’t actually need to do that.”
Adam and Grace are studying History in Penryn, Cornwall.

Hannah and Ninette

“You can learn from people who have already experienced the things you’re going through.”
Hannah and Ninette are doing a Masters in Creative Writing.

Camara and Vic

“I think I’m quite introverted but I need someone to give me a push. She’s got a very different culture to me. I’ve learnt a lot.”
Vic is studying Sport and Health Sciences and Camara is studying Law.

Sid and Michael

“The thing I value most about the university is the people I’ve met and the friendships.”
Michael and Sid are studying History.