Jason is from London and studied Business and Management with Industrial Experience. Spending a year working in industry helped him to determine what career path he wanted to take.

I had my heart set on the University of Exeter after visiting on an Open Day; I still remember the introductory lecture by David Boughey for its high energy. Initially my plan was to do Economics but that changed when I couldn’t achieve a high enough predicted maths grade, so I looked at Business as my next best alternative.

The campus is great and the atmosphere is welcoming; you’ll be sure to spot several of your friends on your way to lectures. Not everyone you meet in your first couple of weeks is going to be your best mate for life but you will make great friends in that time.

I really enjoy living in Exeter – nothing is really that far away. Often things are within walking distance. My favourite location is the quay; a group of friends and I canoed down the river in the summer for a pub lunch.

I thought the best way to put myself in a competitive position would be to do a whole year of work in the industry – a placement is extremely useful in understanding what you’re good at and the responsibility you’re given is great preparation for what you’ll be doing once you leave university.