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Eli Wyatt

BA English and French

What has been the highlight of your time at Exeter?

There have been many highlights of my time in Exeter, the opportunity to study abroad, working and studying in a University where there are so many hardworking students and tutors, meeting so many good friends, but if I had to choose a highlight, it would have to be the end result; putting in so much hard work over the course of four years and receiving a mark of which you can be proud of is extremely fulfilling.

What will you miss the most about University?

I will certainly miss many of the incredible professors and lecturers at the University, particularly in the English and Modern Languages Department. The variation of areas of specialty is astounding and the willingness of such accomplished and experienced lecturers to listen and consider the ideas and voices of students is an incredible dynamic to experience at the University. I will also miss the many resources that are available to students – especially the wealth of information contained in Streatham Library, the Old Library, and St. Luke’s Library.

What did you enjoy about your particular programme?

I enjoyed many aspects of my program. The wide range of modules is something that Exeter does extremely well, allowing students to select a specific pathway for their studies, for instance renaissance studies, or to pursue a programme that covers a wide range of literatures from across ages and places. Another aspect that I particularly enjoyed is the development that students undergo over the course of the programme; English students begin with the fantastic ‘Beginnings’ module and end with writing a focused, concise dissertation on a single subject, mine focussing on medieval depictions of Death; and in French, students begin with practising grammar but advance to writing journal articles and reading, and understanding, the works of Proust, Voltaire, Montaigne etc. Looking back at how far I have personally progressed in my degree and the intricacy of study you come to undertake is highly rewarding.

What advice would you give to current and future students?

The most important advice I would give to students is to make the most of the fantastic resources Exeter has to offer, the libraries, the ELE pages, and most importantly the incredible tutors who assist and guide you through the programme. It is in working with, and learning from, the tutors where real academic progress is made.

What are your plans now that you have graduated?

I plan to take a year away from studying, and will travel and work in North America while spending time developing other personal areas of artistic interest. I then plan to pursue further study focussing on medievalism, classicism and mythology, perhaps at a university in North America.