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Sarah Sharp

BA Drama with Study Abroad

What has been the highlight of your time at Exeter?

One of the major highlights of my time at Exeter has been getting involved with extra-curricular societies. During my degree I have been involved in multiple societies, both through the Guild and through the Athletic Union, including being President of Drama Society, doing multiple shows with Exeter University Theatre Company and Theatre With Teeth, competing nationally with Cheerleading and learning how to sail and kayak. Through these I have been able to learn new skills and sports as well as meeting lots of people who share my interests or share my enthusiasm to give something new a try.

What will you miss the most about University?

By far what I will miss most about University is living in a house with some of my best friends. Being able to pop to the kitchen for a cup of tea and still be sitting chatting hours later was a sure-fire way to make any essay problem seem less daunting. Having a constant support group ready for spontaneous procrastination-inspired adventures meant that I was able to balance out my degree and library sessions with fun trips to the beach and Dartmoor. Living with friends was a huge part of what made my university experience as truly enjoyable as it was.

What did you enjoy about your particular programme?

I enjoyed the way that the Drama programme is structured to combine both practical and theoretical elements. I found that the theory driven modules enabled me to challenge my thinking which I was then able to apply in my practice through the more up-on-your-feet classes. I particularly liked the way that the Drama department operated as a close-knit unit. As a highly interactive course, we were able to get to know the tutors and other students across all year groups, meaning that there was always a friendly face ready for a chat or to offer a helping hand around the department.

What advice would you give to current and future students?

My main piece of advice to any future student would be to get as involved as you possibly can. I have found that the more I put into Exeter the more I got out of my experience. By throwing myself into my studies and engaging with my lectures I was able to challenge myself academically and discover an interest in areas I hadn’t previously considered. By joining societies in things I loved and things I had never heard of I was able to learn new skills and gain valuable experiences for my CV. But most importantly by getting involved in as many aspects of student life as I could I was able to make excellent friends, without whom, getting to graduation would have been a lot more of a challenge!

What are your plans now that you have graduated?

I have secured a job working for a performance venue at the Edinburgh Fringe festival so will spend the rest of the summer in Scotland. Prior to graduation I was awarded a place on the Drama department’s Graduate Artist Scheme meaning I will spend the next year developing my practice as a theatre maker supported by the university. I hope to continue to gain experience working with young people in community theatre with the aim to specialise in making environmentally engaged performance.