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Unpackage me: Exeter researchers go plastic-free for a month

Researchers from the University of Exeter will attempt to live a life free from plastic during October and are calling for others to follow suit. 

Two-minute tours of ESI research

ESI researchers take the opportunity to explain their work in no more than 120 seconds.

The ESI on the BBC, part two ...

The ESI's Director, Professor Kevin J Gaston, joined - among others - Monty Don and George Monbiot on BBC Radio 4's 'Shared Planet'.

Eureka moments between the sciences and the arts

Exeter academics have secured two of seven research awards to explore the cutting edge relationships between the sciences and the arts and humanities.

The Environment Agency at the ESI

The ESI recently hosted meetings with Environment Agency (EA) colleagues to explore collaborative opportunities and improve understanding of each other’s work.

Times Good University Guide votes Exeter as top university in South West

Exeter has been named the top university in the Southwest according to The Times and The Sunday Times Good University Guide 2015 after reaching a new high of 7th place in the national rankings.

Marine renewable energy partnership re-launches as a consortium for the south

A consortium of marine renewable energy experts across higher education, research and industry have joined together to establish a ‘network of excellence’ for the south of the country.

The ESI on the BBC

The Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI)’s Politics contingent has been in demand on the BBC.

New research examines risk of large marine animal entanglement in marine renewable energy moorings

New guidance to protect large marine animals from UK marine renewable energy development has been put forward in a ground-breaking new report

New research highlights impacts of light pollution on marine life

Newly-published research highlights the variety of impacts light pollution has on the marine environment.

Professional Mining Programme launched by Camborne School of Mines

Camborne School of Mines has announced the launch of a pioneering new Programme, designed to deliver key learning and professional development to employees and stakeholders within the mining industry.

Burnt out birds suggest hard work could be bad for your health

Unequal sharing of workloads in societies could leave the most industrious individuals at higher risk of poor health and prone to accelerated ageing, according to a new study of a cooperative bird in the Kalahari Desert.

Protected areas proven to conserve biodiversity

 Protected areas such as nature reserves and national parks do conserve biodiversity and more action is needed to ensure safeguards are in place to preserve them, according to a new international study.


Self-deceived individuals deceive others better

Over confident people can fool others into believing they are more talented than they actually are, a study has found.

It’s all a front – scientists unravel the mystery of gannets’ feeding success

Researchers at Plymouth Marine Laboratory and the University of Exeter have combined two innovative technologies to probe the mystery of how seabirds locate food hotspots across vast tracts of ocean.

Cornish residents sought for study into environmental risks

Scientists at the University of Exeter’s Penryn Campus are seeking members of the public to help conduct research into how certain plants, animals and other environmental factors in and around homes are perceived by Cornish residents.

Scientists urge public to take part in second wave of health survey

Scientists in Cornwall are making a second appeal for people to take part in research that will shed light on the health effects of marine pollution.

Research shows how buildings can better generate and retain energy

A PhD student has published new research into how improvements to Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BiPV) systems can mean more efficient, lower cost energy.

Are flexible parents adaptable parents?

The flexibility of parental behaviours to respond to changes in behaviour of their offspring may actually constrain the ability of parents to adapt to changes in their wider environment.

Cornwall team investigates potential for bacteria to boost Europe’s metal production

Cornwall could lead the way in developing green techniques to help European mining companies extract more scarce and valuable metals and significantly reduce their environmental impact.

Insights into predator vision revealed in ambitious field project

The question of how animals see, or what the world looks like through their eyes, has vexed and fascinated biologists for centuries. 

Go nuts with nature at Science in the Square 2014

After the huge success of previous events, researchers from the University of Exeter's Penryn Campus will be back sharing their passion for our planet at this year’s free Science in the Square.

Cornish winemakers could benefit from climate change study

The UK’s burgeoning winemaking industry will benefit from new research to assess climate change's impacts on Cornwall’s vineyards.

First World War announcement given historic perspective

As part of the World War One centenary and its outbreak on 4 August 1914, University of Exeter historian Dr Catriona Pennell will be looking back at how Britain entered the war on BBC Radio 4’s World Tonight for a special hour long edition from the Imperial War Museum.

Major turtle nesting beaches protected in one of the UK's far flung overseas territories

Sea turtles are not a species one would normally associate with the United Kingdom. But on the remote UK overseas territory of Ascension Island, one of the world’s largest green turtle populations is undergoing something of a renaissance.

Penryn mathematicians help local magnet company attract international markets

A Falmouth company aims to beat off international competition by offering a more accurate method of characterising magnets for its global client base.

Stress can make hard working mongooses less likely to help in the future

Researchers studying banded mongooses in Uganda have discovered that those who work hard to care for pups may be less likely to invest in future offspring in the same way due to elevated stress hormones.

Should we listen to our genes, or does mother know best?

Breaking the mould of inherited family characteristics could help you survive in a fast-changing world, scientists have discovered.

New report takes stock of jellyfish in UK seas

A new report by the University of Exeter and the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) takes stock of where and when UK jellyfish occur in UK seas for the first time in over 40 years.

Cornish collaboration could revolutionise the market for electric vehicles

A new partnership between businesses and academics in Cornwall could revolutionise the way electric vehicles (EVs) are marketed in the UK.

Truro Cathedral hosts University of Exeter graduations

Celebration is in the air as 478 University of Exeter students graduate at Truro Cathedral on Monday 21 July.

Feedback control could be key to robust conservation management

Mathematical algorithms used to control everyday household items such as washing machines could hold the key to winning the fight for conservation, a new study has claimed.

Science could help Cornwall lead the world in sustainable lobster fishing

Biologists from the University of Exeter’s Environment and Sustainability Institute at the Penryn Campus are assessing the impact of the National Lobster Hatchery’s activities on wild lobsters around Cornwall’s coast.

Business and bees could benefit from new research

Researchers from the University of Exeter’s Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI) are collaborating with Cornwall’s leading vegetable growing company to increase its courgette yields by understanding more about how bees and other insects pollinate the plants.

Fal-moth study needs your garden

Falmouth residents are being sought by a student at the University of Exeter’s Penryn Campus who is conducting research into the causes of moth declines.

National award for university and students' union partnership

The University of Exeter, University of Exeter Students’ Guild and Falmouth & Exeter Students’ Union (FXU) have been awarded the 2014 Students’ Union and Institution Partnership Award by the Higher Education Academy and National Union of Students.

Exeter scientist reveals secrets of Scotland’s basking sharks in new report

Seas between the islands of Skye and Mull on Scotland’s west coast are highly important for basking sharks, according to a report published today by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH).

Cornwall academic awarded medal for scientific contribution

Professor David Hosken from the Penryn Campus has been awarded a prestigious prize from the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) in recognition of outstanding scientific merit.

Penryn Campus peloton make final preparations for school maths tour with a difference

A team of intrepid experts are preparing to set the wheels in motion in their quest to bring maths to life for Cornish schoolchildren.

Exeter 6th in UK for most cited researchers says new global ranking

Eight University of Exeter academics feature in an authoritative new list of the most highly cited researchers, published this week by Thompson Reuters. This places Exeter 6th in the UK.

Young Cornish students help create unique artwork

‘Trawler Trash’ a unique installation created by artist Liz Franklin and Cornish Yr 10 students has been unveiled at the University of Exeter's Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI) on the Penryn Campus.

Scientists unravel the genetic secrets of nature’s master of mimicry

Scientists investigating how one of the greatest shape shifters in the natural world is able to trick predators to avoid being eaten have identified the gene behind the fascinating feat.

Exeter competition encourages students to kick-start a renewables revolution

A team of intrepid teenagers is celebrating after winning a national competition designed to help kick-start a renewables revolution - using nothing but basic household objects.

Cornish myths inspire new children's book produced by student-led university press

Did You Know There Are Dragons in Cornwall? Is the title of a new children’s book recently published by Penryn Press a brand new publishing house created by students from the University of Exeter’s Penryn Campus in Cornwall.

Exeter enjoys notable success in Guardian 2015 University Guide

The University of Exeter has enjoyed significant success in the latest Guardian University Guide, strengthening its position as one of the best universities in the country.

Gannet sat nav reveals impact of fishing vessels

Fishing vessels have a far bigger ecological footprint than previously thought, according to research which tracked the movement and behaviour of seabirds using GPS devices.

University of Exeter Business School opens its doors in Cornwall

The University of Exeter is reinforcing its commitment to boosting Cornwall’s economic prosperity by launching its Business School on the Penryn Campus.

Cornish students bring successful new twist to ‘British Racing Green’ motorsport history.

A 12-strong team of students from the Penryn Campus, near Falmouth have competed in the prestigious Shell Eco-marathon competition.

Exeter scientists carry out pioneering analysis of four billion-year-old Mars meteorite

Scientists from the Camborne School of Mines have conducted a ground-breaking analysis of a Martian meteorite that dates back to the formation of the Earth.

‘Big data’ on the natural capital of the South West launched.

Key representatives from CSM have helped launch new data that map the geology, natural resources and environment of the South West region.

Cornish students help leading university research institute celebrate its first anniversary

Students from secondary schools across Cornwall joined researchers and postgraduate students from the University of Exeter’s Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI) to help celebrate the Institute’s highly successful first year.

Allotments yield healthier soil, study finds

The soils under Britain's allotments are significantly healthier than intensively farmed soils, researchers have found.

Exeter students amongst happiest in UK according to Times Higher survey

The University of Exeter has been ranked seventh in the UK in the prestigious Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey 2014.

Scientists find best way to rid a garden of snails

Gardeners wanting to rid their spring flowerbeds of pesky snails can ditch the beer traps and egg shells and instead develop a strong throwing arm.

An eye in the sky: UAVs in Environmental Research

UAVs in Environmental Research, a two-day scientific meeting, takes place 10-11 July 2014 at the University of Exeter’s Environment and Sustainability Institute.

Students invite General Election candidates to the Penryn Campus for debate

Falmouth and Exeter Students’ Union (FXU) have invited General Election candidates for the Truro and Falmouth constituency to the Penryn Campus on Friday 23 May to engage in a debate.

Exeter strengthens top ten position in The Complete University Guide

The University of Exeter is in the top ten of 123 UK universities for 2015 in the influential Complete University Guide, published yesterday.

Landscapes and identities of West Penwith and Helman Tor

A new project exploring the way people think and form ideas about their identity in relation to the landscapes of West Penwith and Helman Tor will be part of a touring photographic exhibition in Cornwall. 

Exeter evolutionary biologist receives European honour

Professor Nina Wedell has been elected to the membership of the European Molecular Biology Organisation (EMBO). 

How will climate change affect health in the UK?

A new research partnership to identify the effects of environmental change, including climate change, on health and wellbeing in the UK has been launched.

Females prefer lovers not fighters, study finds

It’s official (in the horned beetle world at least), females prefer courtship over competitiveness – and it doesn’t matter about the size of your mandibles either.

Sexual conflict affects females more than males, says new research on beetles

Researchers at the University of Exeter have found that sexual conflict over mating impacts the parental care behaviour and reproductive productivity of burying beetles.

How Australia got the hump with one million feral camels

A new study by a University of Exeter researcher has shed light on how an estimated one million-strong population of wild camels thriving in Australia’s remote outback have become reviled as pests and culled on a large scale.

New charter group forms a collective voice for Cornish outdoor activity providers

A new group designed to give key providers in Cornwall’s burgeoning outdoor activity sector a collective voice and ensure that they operate with the highest regard for the environment, has been launched.

Online Easter egg hunt helps scientists unlock secrets of camouflage

An online Easter egg hunt in which players act as ‘predators’ to find hidden bird eggs will help scientists better understand camouflage and its evolution.

New report confirms South West Universities huge contribution to revenue, jobs and growth in the region

A new report from Universities UK (UUK) has, for the first time, quantified the economic benefit generated by the region’s 12 Universities.

Running geese give insight into low oxygen tolerance

A new study into how the world’s highest flying bird, the bar-headed goose, is able to survive at extreme altitudes may have future implications for low oxygen medical conditions in humans.

Flood prone communities in UK and Africa to share their stories through theatre

An ambitious project exploring the shared experiences of flood-hit and vulnerable communities in Cornwall and Kenya has been announced today, with the aim of building resilience for those affected by climate change and extreme weather events.

Male extinction prevented by promiscuous females

Female fruit flies with a large number of sexual partners are playing an invaluable role in preventing the extinction of males, new research has shown.

Top marks for young people in Cornwall whose excellence is celebrated in awards ceremony

The University of Exeter Penryn Campus Excellence Awards ceremony took place on Thursday 3 April, to celebrate the achievements of young people in Cornwall.

Universities in Cornwall contribute more than £490 million to the Cornish economy

A study by independent economic analysts, Oxford Economics, confirms that the University of Exeter and Falmouth University have contributed £491 million to the economy of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly between 2002 and 2012.

Royal recognition for research on Ireland and the First World War

A University of Exeter historian was invited as one of a small group of VIPs to be individually presented to the Queen at a Buckingham Palace reception in advance of the visit of the Irish President, Michael D. Higgins, in April.

Students showcase their research at inaugural conference event

Undergraduate students at the University of Exeter’s Penryn Campus are taking part in a conference style event for the first time to present their research in a professional setting.

Pioneering research offers new insight into improved wave energy testing

Pioneering research could provide a significant boost in the vital quest to harness wave power as a viable renewable energy source for the future.

A very special suitcase

They may look battered and tired but three very special old suitcases will soon be travelling around schools and communities in Cornwall.

Art and science collaboration explores Cornwall’s mining heritage

Cornwall’s illustrious mining heritage has provided the inspiration for a special collaboration between a local artist and University of Exeter scientist.

Celebrating Research in Cornwall

A postgraduate research conference is being held at the University of Exeter’s Penryn Campus for the first time, demonstrating the breadth and impact of the work being carried out on emerging and important global issues in Cornwall.

Global warming may increase methane emissions from freshwater ecosystems

New research led by the University of Exeter suggests that rising global temperatures will increase the quantity of the key greenhouse gas methane emitted from freshwater ecosystems to the Earth’s atmosphere – which could in turn lead to further warming. 

New £5.5 million University of Exeter development at the Penryn Campus

A new £5.5 million facility at the Penryn Campus will provide another home for the University of Exeter Business School, Marine Renewables team, and growing Centre for Ecology and Conservation (CEC).

Beth wins Student Mentor of the Year

Bethany Partridge, a Senior Student Ambassador for the University of Exeter, Penryn Campus, has won the Student Mentor of the Year Award given by Brightside, a charity that helps young people access career and education opportunities.

Humanities academics contribute to BBC WW1 centenary broadcasts

 As part of the BBC’s WW1 centenary programmes key academics from the University of Exeter are contributing to an assortment of high profile broadcasts. 

Love or kill thy neighbour? New study into animal social behaviour

A theoretical study led by the University of Exeter has shed new light on the conditions that lead to the evolution of spite or altruism in structured populations.

Cornish pond owners recruited for study into frog killing diseases

Pond owners across Cornwall are being sought by a student at the University of Exeter’s Penryn Campus who is conducting research into whether two deadly frog diseases can be found in the county.

Virtual bees help to unravel complex causes of colony decline

Scientists have created an ingenious computer model that simulates a honey bee colony over the course of several years.

Exeter subjects fly high in QS World University Rankings

Science and humanities subjects at the University of Exeter rank amongst the world’s best according to an influential international league table.

Legal harvest of marine turtles tops 42,000 each year

A new study has found that 42 countries or territories around the world permit the harvest of marine turtles – and estimates that more than 42,000 turtles are caught each year by these fisheries.

Managed honeybees linked to new diseases in wild bees

Diseases that are common in managed honeybee colonies are now widespread in the UK’s wild bumblebees, according to research published in Nature.

‘Ground-breaking’ turtle study nets award for Tom

Unique research into endangered sea turtles, which will lead to a Caribbean government changing its conservation policy, has seen a student from the University of Exeter’s Penryn Campus recognised in a national competition.

Report shows lack of knowledge about World War One's global impact

A widespread lack of understanding of the global scale and impact of the First World War has been revealed in a new report.

Satellite tracking identifies Atlantic Ocean risk zones for leatherback turtles

The last large populations of the leatherback turtle are at risk because their migratory routes in the Atlantic Ocean overlap with the locations of industrial fisheries, a new study shows.

Travelling to Cornwall in severe weather

If you are planning to visit the University of Exeter, please be reassured that our Penryn and Truro campuses are open for business.

What the jackdaw saw - study shows birds communicate with their eyes

Researchers in Cambridge and Exeter have discovered that jackdaws use their eyes to communicate with each other – the first time this has been shown in non-primates.

Seasonal awareness a traditional way of life

A celebration of the traditional connections between human lives, the seasons and the natural world form the basis of a new book by University of Exeter academic, Professor Nick Groom.

Artificial reef to be created from waste seashells

Specialists in marine resources and artificial reefs have gathered at the University of Exeter’s Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI) to discuss the design and creation of an innovative new marine reef in the English Channel.

Leading university researchers to deliver talks at local aquarium

Falmouth Aquarium, in collaboration with the University of Exeter, is hosting a series of public lectures from January which will see leading researchers discussing topical issues from climate change and food security to how we can reduce our own individual energy usage. 

Glaciers existed in Britain as late as Georgian era

Research led by a scientist from the University of Exeter has shown that Britain was home to small glaciers within the last few centuries – around 11,000 years later than previously thought.

Digital award for new magazine

A graduate, who launched his own magazine this July, has already scooped a Cornish business award.

Mongooses synchronise births to escape despotic females

Some mammals may have evolved to synchronise births as a way of evading the threat of infanticide, according to a study led by the University of Exeter.

Spiders partial to a side order of pollen with their flies

Spiders may not be the pure predators we generally believe, after a study found that some make up a quarter of their diet by eating pollen.

Superhuman efforts by students raise over £1300 for Children in Need

For the second year running, students from Falmouth University and the University of Exeter at the Penryn Campus, broke the £1,000 fundraising barrier for the BBC’s Children in Need appeal.

Penryn Campus Fitness Centre shortlisted for National Fitness Awards

The Fitness Centre at the Penryn Campus, that is shared and jointly managed by Falmouth University and the University of Exeter, has been shortlisted in three categories of the prestigious National Fitness Awards.

Marine renewable experts celebrate Falmouth’s pioneering test facility

Experts from Cornwall’s marine renewable industry got together recently to celebrate the further development of FaBTest – Falmouth Bay’s pioneering marine renewable energy device testing facility.

Gruesome beetle family portrait wins national competition

A photograph taken by a researcher from the University of Exeter of a pair of burying beetles feeding on an animal carcass has won first prize in a new competition.

Smart phone technology is revolutionising ecological and evolutionary research say scientists from the University of Exeter

The varied and valuable uses of smart phones and their apps deserve much wider scientific recognition and exploitation by environmental researchers concludes a review of research app development published this week.

Falmouth and Exeter Students' Union, FXU supports Penryn Christmas Lights Switch On event

Falmouth and Exeter Students’ Union (FXU) is teaming up with Penryn Traders, the Christmas Lights Committee and Penryn Town Council to bring local residents a plethora of festivities and entertainment in the run up to Christmas.

International recognition for Cornish research

An expert in Cornish Studies has been awarded the highest mark of recognition available in Australia for their research. 

Conference showcases cutting edge Cornish research

The University of Exeter recently hosted a conference showcasing the progress of some of the exciting research currently being undertaken by Cornwall’s PhD researchers and their collaborators.

University celebrates funding 'clean sweep'

It was announced last week by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) that the University had been successful in securing two new Doctoral Training Partnerships (DTPs) in water engineering and meta-materials.

Students undertake superhuman bike ride from Exeter to Falmouth for Children in Need

Students from the University of Exeter and Falmouth University have undertaken a 100-mile bike ride to raise money for the BBC’s Children in Need appeal.

South West research alliance awarded NERC funding

The GW4+ alliance, a consortium of excellence in innovative research training led by the University of Bristol, has been awarded funding by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) for doctoral training.

University of Exeter Professor attends inaugural Congress of Brazilian, Chilean and Argentine Ecological Societies

The University of Exeter’s Professor Kevin J Gaston addressed delegates at the first ever joint Congress of the Brazilian, Chilean and Argentine Ecological Societies, which took place this month in Puerto Varas, Chile.

University researchers highlight environmental challenges and their social causes and solutions in World Social Science Report

The University of Exeter’s Professors Katrina Brown and Neil Adger, and Drs Saffron O'Neill and Helen Adams have contributed to the prestigious World Social Science Report published today, Friday 15 November 2013.

Incredible ‘gannet cam’ captures birds’ eye view

Scientists from the University of Exeter and the RSPB have captured incredible footage of what it’s like to fly with the UK’s largest seabird.

Exhibition reveals night-time photography

An exhibition of images made during full moon night walks in the summer by local residents is now on display at the University of Exeter’s Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI).

University of Exeter Professor joins board of Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Nature Partnership

The University of Exeter’s Professor Kevin J Gaston is taking up an invitation to join the board of the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Nature Partnership (CIOSLNP), which launches today.

Infection connections: Badger surveillance project reveals how TB infects their social networks

Researchers at the University of Exeter and the AHVLA’s National Wildlife Management Centre have shown that the social lives of badgers are related to their risk of infection with bovine tuberculosis (TB).

Exhibition and ‘swish’ event mark new sustainable fashion collaboration

The University of Exeter’s Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI) and Falmouth University have celebrated their new sustainable fashion collaboration with a ‘stylish’ event.

Basking shark tagging nominated for Best Conservation Project – four days left to vote

A shark tagging project run by the University of Exeter and Scottish Natural Heritage has been shortlisted for Best Conservation Project in the Countryfile Magazine awards. 

University recognised for positive progress on gender equality

The University of Exeter Medical School (UEMS) and the combined departments of Biology and Geography (CLES Cornwall) at the University of Exeter Penryn Campus are delighted to announce that both departments have been awarded Athena SWAN Bronze department awards.

Health and environment data to be linked for the first time

A new £800,000 grant from the Medical Research Council will allow scientists to connect diverse databases and probe the links between climate, environment, and human health.

New names for our activities in Cornwall

The continued growth of the University of Exeter and recent inauguration of Falmouth University have caused us to reconsider how we present our activities in Cornwall.

Researcher enabling local business to diversify

A student from the University of Exeter Penryn Campus is helping a local company to branch out and further develop their business.

University of Exeter researchers identify wildlife refugia in Dartmoor National Park

Researchers from the University of Exeter are surveying Dartmoor to identity places that shelter wildlife from climate change.

Celebrating Mining in Cornwall

Local engineers and anyone with an interest in mining are invited to attend a free conference in celebration of one hundred years of the Cornish Institute of Engineers at Heartlands, near Camborne, on Friday 11 October.

Cornish collection of Bards and all things Kernowek

Cornish sea words such as scoggan (mackerel’s head) or widdy-waddy which means to paddle in shallow water are a few of the phrases that form part of a new collection of material that reflect the Cornish identity.

Graduate opens business in Falmouth

A recent bioscience graduate from the University of Exeter Penryn Campus has just started her own business in Falmouth, allowing her to stay and work in the county she adores.

Playing tag with sharks off the west coast of Scotland

Twenty-seven basking sharks have been tagged in the second year of a project to find out more about their life cycle.

University study uncovers the secret lives of UK garden snail

Researchers track nocturnal snail activity for the first time, using LED lights and time-lapse photography. Snails were tracked over 72 hours, with researchers measuring their speed, distance travelled and exploration habits.

The Eighteenth Century in the Present Day: Undergraduate students present at International Conference and Arts Festival

Dr Andrew McInnes, English, took five students from the University of Exeter’s Penryn Campus to a conference and festival at the University of York.

University of Exeter professor wins Marsh Award for Ecology

Professor Kevin J Gaston, Director of the University of Exeter's Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI), has been awarded the prestigious Marsh Award for Ecology by the British Ecological Society.

Camborne School of Mines Trust donation

The Camborne School of Mines Trust has received a donation of US$1.3 million (equivalent to £860,000) from former student Tim Henderson.

Kestle Barton hosts weekend of activities

Kestle Barton, an ancient Cornish farmstead situated above the Helford River in Manaccan, will become the backdrop to an exhibition of local farming photographs & films and weekend of activities. 

Public launch event and environmental lecture at the Penryn Campus

The University of Exeter’s Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI) is celebrating the launch of the Centre for Environmental Arts and Humanities (CEAH) on Wednesday 11 September.

University of Exeter celebrates record-breaking year

Following an unprecedented increase in applications for places, the University of Exeter has exceeded its ambitious student recruitment targets by 10% in 2013.

Explore the wonders of our planet at free interactive event in Falmouth

After the huge success of last year, researchers from the University of Exeter's Cornwall Campus will be back sharing their passion for science at this year’s Science in the Square event.

Farmers' stories inspire children’s art exhibition

An exhibition of artwork, created by Primary School Children from around Cornwall and inspired by local farmers stories, will be on display from the 27th July - 3rd August at Heartlands in Pool.

Second year of basking shark tagging gets underway

The second year of a project to track basking sharks in Scottish waters is now underway.

Energy and cost saving in mines achieved by innovative technique from Camborne School of Mines

A new approach that will save energy and reduce ventilation costs in mines has been developed by the University of Exeter’s Camborne School of Mines. 

Student work exhibited at Falmouth Aquarium

Undergraduates from the University of Exeter Cornwall Campus have kindly donated part of their degree work to Falmouth Aquarium as an educational resource.

Public urged to have a say in developing bioenergy policy and priorities

Local people are invited to the University of Exeter’s Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI) on Thursday 18 July to join researchers and the BBSRC (the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council) in an interactive session to help determine the future of bioenergy policy in the UK.

Environment and Sustainability Institute is crowned Eco Building of the Year

The University of Exeter’s Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI) has won Eco Building of the Year in the Michelmores/Western Morning News Property Awards.

Universities’ Archives Service celebrates the work of its volunteers

Tea, cake and the Cornish language all played a part in a special event held by the Cornwall Campus Library’s Archives & Special Collections Service during National Volunteering Week.

Photos on social media used to measure aesthetic value of Cornish landscape

A new method designed to measure the aesthetic value of ecosystems has been applied in Cornwall.

Hundreds of species identified at universities’ BioBlitz

A water shrew, a slow worm and a peregrine falcon were just some of the hundreds of species that students from the Falmouth and Exeter Students’ Union (FXU) identified at the Cornwall Campus with the help of the local community during the second annual BioBlitz earlier this month.

Older males make better fathers says new research on beetles

Mature males work harder and care less about female infidelity.

Students cook up exotic fishy dishes as part of their grand challenge

Undergraduates from the University of Exeter Cornwall Campus have been cooking some unusual fishy meals with a local restaurateur to highlight the importance of sustainable fisheries - proving how tasty some of the more unfamiliar fish species can be.

Penryn Green Fields: a glorious gathering for the whole community

A glorious gathering on the site of Penryn's historic Glasney College, made possible by the Falmouth and Exeter Students' Union, FXU; Penryn Town Council; Falmouth University; and the University of Exeter brought together local families and students from the two universities for a free fun-filled day of festivities on Sunday.

University of Exeter supports government funded WW1 commemoration project

2014 is the centenary commemoration of one of the most important events of the 20th century, the First World War.

British butterfly desperate for warm weather this summer

Butterflies are extremely sensitive to changes in temperature and new research has revealed that when summer weather turns bad the silver-spotted skipper battles for survival. 

Explore light pollution in a West Cornwall night-walk

Local residents and people with an interest in their local environment are being asked to get involved with an exciting light pollution event in St Just this summer.

Union Jack and Stars and Stripes investigate public history

The University of South Carolina (USC) has one of the leading postgraduate Public History programmes in America and a group of their students and lecturers are in the UK to explore best practice in public history. 

Postgraduates explore a sustainable Cornish seaweed industry

Students are working with the University’s Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI) to explore how a Cornish business can become a ‘firm of the future’ – a business inspired by nature.

‘Upstream Thinking’ earns CIWEM Wetlands Award

A team of Geographers working in collaboration with South West Water on a pioneering project has won CIWEM’s Living Wetlands Award.

Cornwall Campus hosts bejewelled shower installation

The University of Exeter Cornwall Campus will be hosting Deposition, an interactive, bejewelled shower by artist, Alex Murdin as part of the new Confluence public art programme.

Creative exchange event for local artists

Local artists are invited to the University of Exeter’s Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI) on Wednesday 26 June to take part in the second Creative Exchange Programme’s Melting Pot.

Professor Kevin J Gaston comments in Nature journal

Efforts to improve street lights are providing a rare opportunity to cut both financial and environmental costs, argues Professor Kevin J Gaston in the current edition of the journal Nature.

All he does is WIN! Student Volleyball President Wins National Award at Volleyball England’s Award Ceremony

Ray Slater Berry, President of the FXU (Falmouth and Exeter Students’ Union) Volleyball Club has been recognised for his work at Volleyball England’s recent annual awards ceremony in Kettering.

Researcher working to boost Cornwall’s marine renewable energy industry

A Cornwall Campus student is collaborating with Falmouth Harbour Commissioners to investigate underwater noise and its effect on marine wildlife in Falmouth Bay.

Cornwall Campus hosts leading environmentalist

The University of Exeter Cornwall Campus recently welcomed British campaigner, writer, sustainability advisor and leading environmentalist Tony Juniper.

Stanza transforms environmental data into art at the Cornwall Campus

The University of Exeter and Falmouth University will host two projects by international new media artist, Stanza at the Cornwall Campus between 11 and 23 May 2013 as part of the new Confluence public art programme.

Researcher engaging Cornish businesses with climate change

A researcher from the University of Exeter Cornwall Campus is striving to get more businesses to engage with climate change.

University of Exeter placed amongst world’s best by influential international rankings

League tables published today (Wednesday 8 May 2013) show that the University of Exeter features in the world’s Top 200 institutions in 16 of the 30 subjects featured in this year’s QS World University Rankings by Subject.

Literary expertise in full effect at newly named festival

The name of a Cornish literary festival may have changed, but the involvement of University of Exeter academics literary contributions has increased.  

Cornwall’s University Campus welcomes His Royal Highness The Earl of Wessex

Cornwall’s University Campus welcomes His Royal Highness The Earl of Wessex

Two Exeter academics appointed Wolfson Research Merit Award holders

The Royal Society, the UK’s national academy of science, has announced the appointment of two Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award holders from Exeter out of a total of 27 new awards.

World lobster experts gather in Cornwall

The University of Exeter Cornwall Campus has played host to a number of the world’s lobster experts at a recent marine crustacean knowledge exchange and networking event. 

Exeter hits top ten in The Complete University Guide

The University of Exeter moves up from 13th to 10th place in The Complete University Guide’s ranking of 124 UK universities for 2014, which was published today (Monday 29 April).

Opening of Environment and Sustainability Institute inspires next generation of researchers

The Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI), a £30 million environmental research institute at the University of Exeter’s Cornwall Campus was formally opened on Tuesday 23 April by more than 120 local school children. 

University ranks 49th best institution in the world

The Leiden University World Rankings shows that the University of Exeter ranks 49th best institution in the world.

Leading environmentalist to visit the Cornwall Campus

The University of Exeter Cornwall Campus is to host a public lecture by British campaigner, writer, sustainability advisor and leading environmentalist Tony Juniper on Wednesday 1 May 2013.

Investigating Cornwall’s political past and present

Cornwall’s political heritage and relationship with Westminster is being explored in a new research programme. 

First Confluence campus art project

Falmouth University and the University of Exeter launch their new public art programme, Confluence, at the Tremough Campus on 21 April with Thomson & Craighead’s international visual art project, Horizon.

Listen up! Exeter on form in BBC Radio 4 quiz

On Monday 1 April, a team of academics and students from the University of Exeter will be pitting their wits against each other on BBC Radio 4’s lively quiz show, The 3rd Degree.

Goddess of Easter shines light on collective Christian worship

Millions of people will be tucking into chocolate eggs this Easter, but very few may be aware of the Pagan influence on the Christian festival.

Postgraduates from Hungary visit CSM for Knowledge Exchange Field Meeting

Mining postgraduates from Hungary are spending a week at the Camborne School of Mines, where they’re participating in research talks and fieldwork.

Wildlife artist takes up residency at research centre

The University of Exeter’s Environment and Sustainability Institute is pleased to announce the appointment of inaugural Creative Exchange Affiliate, wildlife artist, Chris Thorn.

Youngsters unravel science mysteries and much more in fun-packed week

Children from across the South West took part in hands-on events and activities with researchers from the University of Exeter in celebration of invention and discovery during National Science & Engineering Week.

Live tracking of vulnerable South Atlantic seabirds

Real-time information showing the locations of the threatened frigatebird is now available online thanks to a new Darwin Initiative funded study led by the University of Exeter and Ascension Island Government Conservation Department. 

Free communicating green agenda event for local businesses

Local businesses are invited to a day of free talks and workshops showing them how to create and communicate their environmental messages successfully.

University students celebrate their achievements at students’ union awards ceremony

The National Maritime Museum Cornwall opened its doors to the Falmouth and Exeter Student’s Union for a glittering ceremony to celebrate the successes and achievements of its students during the current academic year.

EGD team recognised for outstanding service

The Employability and Graduate Development team has been accredited with a nationally recognised quality mark for their work supporting individuals to make learning and work more accessible.

Reconnecting with Tremough's historic past

Archaeological evidence of Neolithic activity and a prehistoric settlement are elements of the Tremough estate’s long and varied history.

Camborne School of Mines leaves 2013 Mining Games as surveying champions for second year running

Our team of Camborne School of Mines students retained their trophy from last year’s International Mining Games after taking home gold for the surveying competition

Scottish sharks to be tracked for a second year

Scientists are to extend a popular basking shark tracking project for another year, it was announced today.

PhD knowledge proving essential to Cornish business

A student from the University of Exeter Cornwall Campus is proving that his PhD research project is essential for the development of the business involved.

Buoyant bronze age boat makes history in Cornwall

Today history was made in Cornwall as a unique project to recreate a 4000 year old boat reached its dramatic conclusion as it launched into the waters of Falmouth Harbour.

Students spring into action to support Falmouth festival

From a bug-huntingly brilliant nature survey in Kimberley Park to a cornucopia of creativity to celebrate Paint the Town Yellow Day, students from the University of Exeter and Falmouth University will be out in force during the next few weeks lending their support to the town’s Spring Festival, which is funded and organised by Falmouth’s Business Improvement District (BID).

Melting Pot event stirs cross-sector inspiration

University of Exeter’s Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI) hosted the inaugural meeting of the Creative Exchange Programme’s Melting Pot on 30 January 2013.

Renewable Energy students seek business placements

The University of Exeter’s Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI) and Renewable Energy department are looking for businesses to host student summer placements and projects.

First public engagement champions selected

January saw the selection of the University’s first public engagement champions by the Catalyst project.

Camborne School of Mines at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show

Two members of the university are making the journey to Arizona, USA, to show off some of the highlights of the Camborne School of Mines (CSM) mineral collection at the invitation of the world’s largest mineral show.

Primary school children from across Cornwall take part in The Children's University Graduation ceremony

The Children's University celebrated the achievements of 50 children from Cornish schools and clubs at their very own graduation ceremonies at the Cornwall Campus.

Tremough 2013 Community Games – Live the Legacy

The ultimate year in sport, 2012 has left in its wake opportunity, excitement and a thirst for engagement and activity.

PhD students showcase pioneering research for Cornwall

A conference showcasing how the University of Exeter, and the partners in the Combined Universities in Cornwall (CUC) Research Programme, are making an impact in the Cornish economy was recently held at Pendennis Castle in Falmouth.

Mafia to visit Cornwall

Whenever organised crime is discussed, the word “Mafia” invariably turns up and conjures images of suited men with sunglasses and plenty of attitude. 

New school-university projects to engage young people in research

A collaboration between the University of Exeter and a selection of schools and colleges in the South West is one of just 12 projects to receive more than £3.5 million in funding to engage young people in research.

Cornish research centre secures second round of funding

One of the South West’s leading research initiatives, the European Centre for Environment and Human Health, at the University of Exeter Medical School, has been awarded a second phase of funding to help continue its important work in the region.

BBC quiz show recording at University

It will be ‘fingers on buzzers’ at the University of Exeter on Wednesday 30 January as students and lecturers prepare for the arrival of BBC Radio 4’s lively quiz show, The 3rd Degree.

Outdoor activity experts discuss South West environmental code of conduct

The University of Exeter’s Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI) has held a conference with outdoor activity businesses to explore and discuss the establishment of a voluntary code of conduct for outdoor activity providers in Cornwall, which could help minimise their impact on the environment.

£10 million, teaching and research facility opens at the Cornwall Campus

A £10 million investment in innovative learning, teaching and research facilities at the Cornwall Campus has been formally opened by Professor Anne Carlisle, Vice-Chancellor of Falmouth University and Professor Mark Overton, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University of Exeter.

Cornwall Campus Open

The University of Exeter Cornwall Campus is open today as usual in spite of the sprinkling of snow that has fallen overnight across Cornwall.

Pigeon project highlighted on BBC’s Winterwatch

Many people view pigeons as pests, or even ‘rats with wings’ - but according to one student, they are ‘super doves’.

Students vote in inaugural Fruni lectures

Hundreds of Exeter students have voted for the research they think everyone should know about in the first ever Fruni events at the University.

Badger sleeping habits could help target TB control

Sleeping away from the family home is linked to health risks for badgers, new research by the University of Exeter and the Food and Environment Research Agency (Fera) has revealed.

Birdsong bluster may dupe strange females, but it won’t fool partners

Male birds use their song to dupe females they have just met by pretending they are in excellent physical condition.

Kids go wild for Cornwall’s new science lab

Broadcaster and naturalist Nick Baker has opened a new state-of-the-art teaching laboratory in Cornwall, which will help encourage children to engage with science.

Double win for water research projects

Two prestigious awards have been presented to projects in which University of Exeter scientists are helping to develop groundbreaking methods to monitor the success of restoration of the South West’s upland peatlands.

Viruses cooperate or conquer to cause maximum destruction

Scientists have discovered new evidence about the evolution of viruses, in work that will change our understanding about the control of infectious diseases such as winter flu.

Vaccination reduces the risk of unvaccinated badger cubs testing TB positive

New evidence from a four-year field study has shown that BCG vaccination reduces the risk of tuberculosis infection in unvaccinated badger cubs in vaccinated groups, as well as in badgers that received the vaccine.

Community creates safe space for those in need at night

November 2012 saw the introduction of a new partnership and night time service in Falmouth’s town centre.

Join an inspiring research community – over 100 University of Exeter PhD studentships available

Research is at the heart of the University of Exeter, and in order to develop the next generation of researchers, more than 100 fully funded PhD studentships are available this winter across the arts and humanities, social sciences, business, and sciences.

Industry and communities unite on energy security

An expert from the University of Exeter will join energy company executives and community leaders at the Eden Project on Thursday (6th Dec) to discuss how to secure the UK’s energy needs.

FAB Test wins Best Business Innovation at the Green Energy Awards

The Green Energy Awards 2012, organised by the not-for-profit environmental organisation RegenSW, gave recognition to six companies and researchers out of a possible 130 throughout the South West.

Ecologists shed new light on effects of light pollution on wildlife

Light pollution is often associated with negative effects on wildlife.

Top marks for young people in Cornwall whose excellence is celebrated in new awards ceremony

The inaugural University of Exeter Cornwall Campus Excellence Awards ceremony took place on Thursday 22 November, to celebrate the achievements of young people in Cornwall.

Career award for University geologist

Professor Emeritus Peter Scott has received a career recognition award for his contribution to geology in the South West.

Cornish young people celebrated in inaugural award ceremony

The inaugural Excellence Awards in Cornwall take place today Thursday 22 Nov.

Graduates meet their futures at Tremough Campus careers fair

The University of Exeter (UoE) and University College Falmouth (Falmouth) prepare their students for successful and sustainable futures from the moment they arrive, and never more so than in the field of employability.

University part of the biggest BBC Children in Need night ever

Hundreds of staff, students and local people joined the BBC at the University on Friday 16 November for the annual Children in Need broadcast.

Say hi to a magpie via new app

A new app which encourages people to say “good morning Mr Magpie” via their mobile phone will help scientists evaluate the benefits which birds bring to the quality of human life.

Streetlight policies could cast a shadow over wildlife

Scientists have conducted the first study into the ecological effects of a variety of energy-saving options to reduce overnight street lighting.

Students prepare for 110 mile bike ride from Cornwall Campus to Exeter for Children in Need

Students from the University of Exeter and University College Falmouth are preparing for a 110 mile bike ride on Friday 16 November to raise money for the BBC’s Children in Need appeal.

Scientist joins royalty and celebrity as conservation trustee

A biologist is in prestigious company after he joined a princess and environmental broadcaster David Bellamy in supporting the world’s longest-established international conservation body.

Cultural dimensions of climate change are underestimated, overlooked and misunderstood

The impact of climate change on many aspects of cultural life for people all over the world is not being sufficiently accounted for by scientists and policy-makers.

Critical research into rare earths highlighted in international journal

University of Exeter research to ensure the security of critical metals has featured in a high profile international publication.

Global Entrepreneurship Week: Have you got what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

The University of Exeter will be celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week between 12-18 November 2012, a worldwide campaign to raise awareness and encourage entrepreneurship.

Project to bridge the gap surrounding Ireland and the First World War

With Ireland’s ‘Decade of Commemorations’ underway, historians at the University of Exeter and Goldsmiths, University of London have created a special website to gather information and knowledge about Ireland’s involvement in the First World War.

Grant award of €5 million will fund pioneering University research

Four of Europe’s most promising scientists from the University of Exeter have received a total of more than €5 million to advance cutting-edge research which will help develop a deeper understanding of the world.

Opportunities Week inspires with the best of research

Opportunities week arrives at the University of Exeter from 29 October – 2 November.

Research to reveal route to affordable, secure and sustainable energy

What is the best way for people in the UK to have access to affordable, secure and sustainable energy?

Twitter principles of social networking increase family success in nesting birds

New research carried out by scientists at Universities  in Exeter, France and Switzerland reveals for the first time the importance of social networking in producing a successful family.

Rediscovering Cornwall's rural past through storytelling

A new project working with communities and primary schools to explore and rediscover Cornwall’s rural past through storytelling has been given the go ahead.

Cornwall marine energy project in running for prestigious local award

A pioneering project to create a new marine energy test site at Falmouth in which the University renewable energy team is a founding partner, is in the running for a green award.

University of Exeter's global reputation boosted by World University Rankings

The University of Exeter has climbed to 153rd place in the 2012-13 Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

Cornwall students reveal what lies beneath

We will soon know more than ever before about what lies beneath the water at some of Cornwall’s top beauty spots, thanks to University of Exeter students from the Cornwall Campus.

Cornwall home to The Sunday Times University of the Year

The University of Exeter, which shares its Cornwall Campus (known locally as Tremough) with University College Falmouth, has been named University of the Year in The Sunday Times University Guide 2013.

University of Exeter students among UK’s happiest

University of Exeter students are among the most satisfied in the UK with their university, according to this year’s National Student Survey.

Menopause evolved to prevent competition between in-laws

The menopause evolved, in part, to prevent competition between a mother and her new daughter-in-law, according to research published in the journal Ecology Letters.

Cornwall students conduct groundbreaking biology study

University of Exeter students from the Tremough Campus, Penryn, have worked with their lecturers to carry out a groundbreaking biology study that has been published in a leading academic journal.

Be a scientist for the day in Falmouth

University of Exeter scientists from the Cornwall Campus are inviting local people to join them and become scientists for the day in Falmouth on Friday 17 August.

Public sightings suggest increase in basking sharks in British waters

The number of basking sharks recorded in Britain’s seas could be increasing, decades after being protected from commercial hunting in the late 20th century.

Cornwall students graduate at Truro Cathedral

523 University of Exeter students from the Cornwall Campus will graduate at ceremonies held at Truro Cathedral on 23 July 2012.

University scientists to reveal the secret life of sharks

University of Exeter scientists are part of a team investigating the movements of large sharks visiting Scottish waters.

Helping family is key for social birds

Social birds that forgo breeding to help to raise the offspring of other group members are far more likely care for their own close relatives than for more distant kin, a new study has found.

Marine energy doubled by predicting wave power

The energy generated from our oceans could be doubled using new methods for predicting wave power.

Major changes critical for Energy Bill and Green Deal to succeed

The University of Exeter, SSE, Consumer Focus and WWF, along with representatives from 20 other organisations, have published the results of a series of roundtables on UK energy policy.

Cornwall academic awarded prize for conservation contribution

Professor Brendan Godley from the Cornwall Campus has been awarded a prestigious prize from the Zoological Society of London for his outstanding contributions to conservation science.

400 species are identified at first Cornwall Campus BioBlitz

Students from the University of Exeter and University College Falmouth at the Cornwall Campus celebrated success this Saturday at their first ever BioBlitz where they discovered and identified more than 400 different species of flora and fauna, with the help of local families.

Student relay for Cornwall-based charity

A group of students from the University of Exeter’s Cornwall Campus are attempting a non-stop 230 mile relay around Cornwall in under 32 hours. 

Ancient story of Dartmoor tors has an ice-cold twist

Ice extended further across the UK than previously thought and played a part in sculpting the rocky landscape of Dartmoor in South West England during the last Ice Age, according to new research which challenges previously held theories.

University scientists develop new tools for conservation and wildlife management

A University of Exeter team has developed new software tools for helping prioritise efforts in species conservation.

Universities champion biodiversity in Cornwall

Students from the University of Exeter and Falmouth University have joined forces with the Tremough Campus Services Group (TCSG) to collaborate on the formation of a new Biodiversity Enhancement Plan for the Cornwall Campus.

Light pollution transforming insect communities

Street lighting is transforming communities of insects and other invertebrates, according to research by the University of Exeter.

Exeter hits Guardian top ten

The University of Exeter has been rated as one of the top ten UK universities in the Guardian University Guide 2013.

£30,000 award to South West sea-life scientist

HRH The Princess Royal (Princess Anne) has presented a Whitley Award for inspirational conservation leadership to University of Exeter research fellow Joanna Alfaro Shigueto for her work to build a better future for Pacific coast wildlife and fishing communities.

Cornwall Campus hosts creative festival

Heritage, innovation and creativity will be explored in a one-day culture festival at the Cornwall Campus, Penryn on Sunday 20 May.

University scientist joins international team to sequence butterfly genome

A University of Exeter scientist has joined a landmark effort to sequence the genome of a South American butterfly.

Universities showcase creativity and lift the lid on research for the local community

The University of Exeter and University College Falmouth will be showcasing creativity, originality and ground-breaking research in all sorts of ways for the local community and visitors to Falmouth to enjoy between 10am and 4pm on Saturday 19 May 2012.

First satellite tag study for manta rays reveals habits and hidden journeys of ocean giants

Using the latest satellite tracking technology, conservationists from the Wildlife Conservation Society, the University of Exeter and the Government of Mexico have completed a ground-breaking study on a mysterious ocean giant: the manta ray.

Exeter SIFE Team awarded Rookie Champion

Enterprising students from the University of Exeter have returned victorious as the Rookie Champions at the 2012 annual Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) competition at Canary Wharf, London on 18-19 April.

Environment and Sustainability Institute reaches construction milestone

The Leadbitter Group and the University of Exeter have celebrated reaching the highest point in the construction of the University’s £30 million Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI) with a traditional topping out ceremony.

University granted bronze Athena SWAN award

Following the University’s membership of the Athena SWAN Charter which began in 2011, it was delighted this year to receive the Bronze university award, recognising that the University has a solid foundation for eliminating gender bias and developing an inclusive culture that values all staff.

University researcher reaches finals of prestigious global competition

Joanna Alfaro-Shigueto, from Lima (Peru) has been named as a finalist in one of the world’s most prestigious wildlife conservation competitions - the Whitley Awards.

Exeter entrepreneurial students impress SIFE UK

The University of Exeter’s Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) team has successfully competed in the regional competition and been selected to take part in the opening round of the 2012 SIFE UK National Competition.

Students host International Mining Games 2012

From ‘Jackleg Drilling’ and ‘Hand Steeling’, through to the Swede Saw, male and female competitors will be going back to the days of our industrial heritage, to pit their skills against the best of the rest.

Teaching Awards - shortlist announced

Now in their third year, the Students Guild Teaching Awards have smashed all previous records receiving 2,021 individual nominations for 636 individual members of staff.

University wins national Employability Award

At the recent Graduate Development Awards, the University of Exeter was voted the winner of the prestigious ‘Preparation for Work’ Award (Higher Education) by the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR).

Marine Protected Areas are keeping turtles safe

Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are providing sea turtles with an ideal habitat for foraging and may be keeping them safe from the threats of fishing.

Aerial survey reveals Exmoor's rare peatlands as never seen before

An unmanned aircraft has captured hundreds of images of Exmoor’s peatlands, revealing the condition of this rare environment as never seen before.

University team to lead project to safeguard Ascension Island's wildlife

A University of Exeter team will deliver an ambitious programme to protect the unique flora and fauna of Ascension Island.

University of Exeter to join Russell Group

The University of Exeter is delighted to announce that it has accepted an invitation to join the Russell Group of leading research-led universities.

Discoveries boost region's reputation for environmental research

New discoveries from the University of Exeter’s Environment and Sustainability Institute will boost the region’s reputation for world-class research.

First Spring Enterprise Week hatched

A new series of events including ‘Introduction to Entrepreneurship’ workshops, HMRC drop-in sessions and a full business planning and simulation day.

Teaching Awards 2012 – vote now

The University of Exeter Students’ Guild is once again encouraging students to vote for their most inspiring teachers.

Redder ladybirds more deadly, say scientists

A ladybird’s colour indicates how well-fed and how toxic it is, according to an international team of scientists.

Students in training for 2012 International Mining Games

Students from the University of Exeter’s Camborne School of Mines (CSM) are kick-starting an unusual training regime this January.

Predators hunt for a balanced diet

Predators select their prey in order to eat a nutritionally balanced diet and give themselves the best chance of producing healthy offspring.

Timely ends: telomere length in early life predicts lifespan

New research by a team from the Universities of Glasgow and Exeter shows that a good indicator of how long individuals will live can be obtained from early in life using the length of specialised pieces of DNA called telomeres. 

Fit females make more daughters, mighty males get grandsons

Females influence the gender of their offspring so they inherit either their mother’s or grandfather’s qualities.

University and Geological Survey join together in a critical alliance

In response to growing unease over supply of critical metals for high-tech manufacturing and green technologies, the British Geological Survey (BGS) and the University of Exeter have agreed to join forces in a new initiative to improve research capability in this vital area.

Cornwall Campus disruption on Thursday 5 January

A message for all Cornwall Campus staff and students

Unique art-science experiment conducted in Cornwall and Iceland

A new book – Six Days in Iceland – is the result of collaboration between a poet and Geography staff and students at the University of Exeter Cornwall Campus.

University supports children's graduation

Cornwall Children’s University held its graduation ceremony involving 50 young people from schools across Cornwall at the Cornwall Campus on Wednesday 9 November.

World-class professors will help Cornwall take centre stage for environmental research

A trio of renowned professors will move to Cornwall following an international hunt for academics of the highest calibre to establish the region as a world-leading centre for environmental research.

Falmouth set to host wave energy test site

Falmouth Harbour Commissioners (FHC) and The Crown Estate have signed a lease to create FabTest, a new wave energy ‘nursery’ test site in Falmouth Bay on the south coast of Cornwall.

Students celebrate partnerships with Cornish businesses

Students and local businesses are celebrating how they are together helping further our understanding of Cornwall’s flora and fauna.

Low carbon project scoops national award

It was recently announced that the ‘Clear About Carbon’ project involving academics from the University of Exeter Business School is a joint winner of the 2011 European Social Fund (ESF) Sustainable Development Specialist Project Leader Awards.

Is chivalry the norm for insects?

The long-standing consensus of why insects stick together after mating has been turned on its head by scientists from the University of Exeter.

Study finds decline in dolphins around Cornish coast

The number of bottlenose dolphins around Cornwall’s coast could be declining according to a new study by the University of Exeter and Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

Britain’s wildlife will benefit from better coastal structures

Plants and animals that live on Britain’s coasts could benefit from changes to the way coastal structures such as seawalls, breakwaters, rock armour and jetties are designed and built.

‘Heat-proof’ eggs help turtles cope with hot beaches

Sea turtles face an uncertain future as a warming climate threatens to reduce their reproductive viability.

Golding centenary celebrations in home county

The centenary of the birth of Cornwall’s most famous literary son, the author William Golding, will be marked by a major international conference at the University of Exeter’s Tremough Campus, Penryn 16 – 18 September. 

Exeter academic explains chemical ‘risk list’

A University of Exeter academic has spoken about the many chemical elements we rely on that are at risk.

Major investments will help businesses thrive

Innovation is at the core of three major new projects, collectively worth over £50 million, and all designed to help businesses thrive in Cornwall, the Isles of Scilly and beyond.

Free carbon reduction event for businesses in Cornwall

A free half day conference on October 11 at the Eden Project aims to bring local businesses in Cornwall up to date with the latest advice and techniques in the field of carbon reduction.

Females choose mates for their personalities, study shows

Adventurous females choose mates with similar personalities, regardless of the male’s appearance and other assets, according to research led by the University of Exeter.

Research reveals how butterflies copy their neighbours to fool birds

The mystery of how a butterfly has changed its wing patterns to mimic neighbouring species and avoid being eaten by birds has been solved by a team of scientists.

Construction of student accommodation begins at station site

Bath Row Developments, who secured planning permission to construct a 233-bed accommodation scheme for Cornwall Campus students adjoining Penryn Railway Station in 2009, has appointed Kier Living to be its lead contractor and construction has now commenced.

Niamh Lamond appointed as new CEO for the Tremough Campus Services Group

The University of Exeter (UoE) and University College Falmouth (UCF) have appointed Niamh Lamond as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the Tremough Campus Services Group (TCSG).

Diane finds paradise through geology

Cornwall Campus student Diane Paradise is celebrating her University of Exeter graduation and a new career in Africa, while her daughter prepares to start university in Wales.

Cornwall graduates celebrate degree success

More than 500 students will graduate from the University of Exeter Cornwall Campus on Monday 25 July.

History of Science in the South West

The submarine telegraph cable is one of the iconic technologies of the 19th century.

Decline in species shows climate change warnings not exaggerated

One in 10 species could face extinction by the year 2100 if current climate change impacts continue.

Businesses and University to build environmental knowledge economy for Cornwall

More than 100 business representatives have met with the University of Exeter to discuss how together they can build an environmental knowledge economy for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Turf cutting celebrates new hub for Cornwall Campus

The University of Exeter and University College Falmouth welcomed local business leaders to the turf cutting ceremony for the latest investment project on the Cornwall Campus - The Exchange on Thursday 23 June 2011.

Exeter ranked in top ten UK universities

The University of Exeter has been rated as one of the top ten UK universities in The Times Good University Guide.

South West shops support repair research

Shops from across the South West have helped a University of Exeter research team uncover the creativity and community spirit at the heart of the region’s small-scale repair industries.

Exeter study reveals US turtles’ movements

A University of Exeter team has monitored the movements of an entire sub-population of marine turtles for the first time.

Student wins national prize for sea turtle study

A Cornwall Campus-based University of Exeter student has won a national prize for his research.

The novel in a time of climate change

The past five years have seen a significant increase in novels focusing on climate change. 

Children’s University graduation ceremony in Cornwall

The Cornwall Campus in Penryn was the setting for the first ever Children’s University graduation ceremony for school pupils between the ages of 5 and 14 years in Cornwall. 

Future of energy under the spotlight

Leading experts on energy policy will be discussing what the future holds for Cornwall, the UK and the rest of the world at an event which aims to share cutting-edge ideas.

Leading academic sheds light on current economic threats in public lecture

The next in the ‘Shaping the Future’ series of lectures hosted by the University of Exeter on 24 May will be delivered by one of the world’s leading labour economists and a recent member of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Commission (MPC).

Cornwall Campus hosts culture festival

The themes of fashion and place will be explored at a one day culture festival at the Cornwall Campus, Penryn on Saturday 21 May.

John Betjeman and all things Cornish

As part of the Daphne du Maurier Festival of Arts and Literature a series of special University of Exeter lecture sessions will be held at the Fowey Town Hall. 

Ceremony kicks-off Environment and Sustainability Institute

A ceremony has marked the official start of construction work on the building which will house the University of Exeter’s £30 million Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI) at the Tremough Campus.

Environment and Sustainability Institute brings new jobs to Cornwall

The University of Exeter is looking to take on 23 new academic staff in Cornwall as part of recruitment for the £30 million Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI).

Cornwall students join SAS for beach clean

More than 80 students from the University of Exeter and University College Falmouth sprung into action as part of an FXU Community Action/Surfers against Sewage (SAS) Beach Clean.

Head of Cornwall's first university environmental research institute appointed

Professor Kevin J Gaston has been appointed inaugural Director of the University of Exeter’s Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI).

Exeter contributes to the history of the world

History experts from the University of Exeter have contributed their geographical and subject knowledge to the latest edition of the prestigious copy of The Times Complete History of the World.

Last chance to see farming heritage exhibition

A final exhibition of photographs, film and interviews, collected from the year long project, ‘Family, Farming and Tradition,’ will be exhibited in the Engine Room, at the Exchange, in Penzance, from the 23rd November- 16th December 2010.

University of Exeter in top 200 in the world

For the first time, the University of Exeter has been hailed as one of the top 200 institutions across the world.

£10 million for world class learning, teaching and research facility

A £10 million investment in innovative learning, teaching and research facilities at the Tremough Campus in Penryn will help the University of Exeter (UoE) and University College Falmouth (UCF) to achieve their shared vision to create a world class campus for Cornwall.

CSI-style detection work reveals the advantage for crafty crows

Scientists from the University of Exeter have used ‘CSI-style’ detective work to help reveal the huge evolutionary advantage that can be gained by animals using tools to forage for food.

Exeter scientist helps expose the secret life of snails

A national competition to find the UK’s top amateur scientist has been won by a 69-year-old grandmother from Devon — with a little help from the University of Exeter.

University of Exeter staff volunteer in the local Cornish community

On Wednesday 8th September, members of staff from the University Admissions, Registry and Finance Teams volunteered their services for a day at the BF Adventure centre.

Do snails have sat-nav?

A scientist from the University of Exeter is helping to solve one of the great gardening mysteries – do snails have sat-nav?

Creative Cornwall in words and pictures

Three very different writers will be looking at how Cornwall has made an impact on their creative writing in a special free event open to the public at the University of Exeter’s Tremough Campus, Penryn. 

Historical gold for Spain

First the tennis, then the football and now a Spaniard triumphs as this years highest achieving history graduate at the University of Exeter’s summer graduation.

£30 million investment in new research institute

A £30 million Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI) is set to be built at the University of Exeter's Cornwall Campus.

It's a first for law graduates in Cornwall

July 2010 is a landmark for Cornwall, as it is the first time in Cornish history that a campus based full time law degree is sending out qualified LLB graduates. 

Congratulations to Cornwall Campus graduates

The hard work of hundreds of students from the University of Exeter’s Tremough Campus, Penryn, is recognised today as they receive their degrees at a graduation ceremony at Truro Cathedral.

Cornish students prepare for a sustainable future

More than 120 young people from Cornish schools took part in a day of hands-on activities aimed at inspiring and informing Year 10 students about the increasing ‘green’ career opportunities that exist locally.

Cornwall leads the way with ‘Clear About Carbon’ project

A three year project to instil better carbon literacy skills into both the public and private sector is being rolled out in Cornwall as the first initiative of its kind nationally.

Oral history exhibition celebrates Truro communities

While much has been written about the history of Truro’s historic centre, what about the story of the council housing estates that have developed around the outskirts of the city since the 1920s – 1960s?

Battle of the sexes exists in the plant world too

A University of Exeter scientist has contributed to research which shows plants, like animals, also have a battle of the sexes when it comes to raising their offspring.

Mongoose traditions shed light on evolution of human culture

A groundbreaking study of banded mongooses in Uganda has shown even small-brained animals pass on traditions, giving a valuable insight into how complex human culture could have evolved.

Cornish farming heritage project wins the lottery

A new project which traces Cornish farming and heritage from the late 19th century to the present day through photography, video, film and artefacts is being documented by researchers from the University of Exeter’s Cornish Audio Visual Archive (CAVA).

Big Brother in the wild

Tracing the success of individual wild insects in leaving descendants is now possible according to new research by University of Exeter biologists using a combination of digital video technology, tagging and DNA fingerprinting.

Social impacts of mining at home and abroad

The University of Exeter’s, Camborne School of Mines, hosted visitors from Europe who carry out research on the social impacts of mining. 

UK’s leading energy experts gather in Falmouth

Following the success of last year’s energy conference the University of Exeter will be staging another world-class event in Falmouth on 24 and 25 May.

Exeter wins national mooting competition

Law students from the University of Exeter won the coveted Weekly Law Reports Annual Mooting Competition, hosted at the Law Society in London.

Government Chief Scientific Advisor tackles global challenges at Cornwall Campus

People in Cornwall will have the opportunity to hear from one of the UK’s most high profile and influential scientists at a free public lecture.

History student brews up business idea

A student on the Cornwall Campus, is setting up a brewery with a difference. He is now looking for local businesses or individuals who might be able to help provide space for his company.

Geographer celebrates history of Cornish science

A geographer from the University of Exeter's Cornwall Campus has written the first full-length book on the history of science in Cornwall.

Nick Clegg tours Renewable Energy lab

Leader of the Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg toured the University of Exeter’s Renewable Energy laboratory on Wednesday 31 March.

Increased grant package for Exeter

The University of Exeter’s government grant for teaching and research is to increase by 3.7% next year to £66.17 million.

Schools celebrate science at Exeter

School pupils from across the South West will measure the speed of light, discover artificial intelligence and see what happens to everyday objects at -200° C.

Anniversary celebrations for Cornish culture

The Cornish Audio Visual Archive (CAVA) celebrated its tenth anniversary at the Cornwall Centre in Redruth.

Record breaking election turnout

A record breaking 5742 students voted in last week’s University of Exeter Students’ Guild sabbatical elections (36% of students).

Exeter geographer advises Indian government on climate change

A University of Exeter geographer has advised the Indian Government on the links between climate change and national security.

Does promiscuity prevent extinction?

Promiscuous females may be the key to a species’ survival, according to new research by the Universities of Exeter and Liverpool.

Cornwall scientists speed up marine renewable testing

A team from the University of Exeter’s Cornwall Campus has designed a unique facility that will help deliver reliability and risk control for wave energy device developers, investors and insurance companies.

Cornwall research project inspires major new BBC series

A research project based at the University of Exeter's Cornwall Campus has inspired the BBC’s latest primetime wildlife documentary series.

Exeter scientist discovers how the butterflies got their spots

How two butterfly species have evolved exactly the same striking wing colour and pattern has intrigued biologists since Darwin’s day.

Career driven students rewarded

Five ambitious students are each celebrating a £1,000 payout from the University of Exeter to further their careers. 

Exeter geographer reveals peatland surface patterns

A team of UK scientists led by Dr Karen Anderson of the University of Exeter have developed a new technique for monitoring the condition of peatlands.

Golding treasures mapped

Cornwall’s most famous literary son, Sir William Golding, left unpublished at his death in 1993 a number of writings, including novels, a piece of science fiction, and extensive notes towards an autobiography.

100 new PhD funding opportunities at Exeter

The University of Exeter will be awarding funding for over 100 new PhD places for 2010.

Exeter geographer helps generate sense of belonging

A geographer on the University of Exeter's Cornwall Campus is helping shape a series of arts projects designed to generate a sense of community belonging.

South West businesses and academics join forces to generate power

Business professionals and researchers will gather in Cornwall on 8 January to identify opportunities to get involved with developing wave and tidal energy in the South West.

Turtles’ Christmas journey tracked by scientists

The journeys of two marine turtles around the world’s oceans will be available to view online this Christmas, thanks to a new research project launched by the University of Exeter.

Whiskers hold secrets of invasive mink

Details of the lifestyle of mink, which escaped from fur farms and now live wild in the UK, have been revealed through analysis of their whiskers.

Studies suggest males have more personality

Males have more pronounced personalities than females across a range of species – from humans to house sparrows – according to new research.

Knowledge of Cornish ghouls and ghosts required

Myths of haunted places and tortured souls roaming Cornwall are well documented in popular literature and magical goings on continue to thrive in modern folk lore.  

Europe’s businesses to benefit from South West universities

Businesses across Europe are set to benefit from a new €2million cross-channel collaboration involving the Universities of Exeter and Plymouth.

Impact of renewable energy on our oceans must be investigated, say Exeter scientists

Scientists from the Universities of Exeter and Plymouth are calling for urgent research to understand the impact of renewable energy developments on marine life.

Mother knows best

University of Exeter scientists have found new evidence to explain how female insects can influence the father of their offspring, even after mating with up to ten males.

Researchers capture bacterial infection on film

Researchers have developed a new technique that allows them to make a movie of bacteria infecting their living host.

£10 million for energy research announced

South West England’s ambition to be a global centre for harnessing energy from the sea has received a major boost with the announcement of a £10.3 million investment in marine energy research.

Launch powers wave energy research

The ambition for Cornwall to become a world leading centre for wave energy has moved a step closer to reality with the launch of a two tonne (2000kg) buoy off the coast of Falmouth.

Over £6 million Cornwall Campus research investment

An ambitious project worth more than £6 million to increase high quality research and strengthen links between businesses and the Combined Universities in Cornwall (CUC) has been approved for more than £4.6 million of ESF (European Social Fund) Convergence investment.

Scientists identify world’s largest leatherback turtle population

An international team of scientists has identified a nesting population of leatherback sea turtles in Gabon, West Africa as the world's largest.

Daphne du Maurier Festival gets new expert sessions

Rebecca, Jamaica Inn and My Cousin Rachel are some of the great literary works by the famous English writer Daphne du Maurier, whose popularity and international acclaim are being used as a catalyst to promote and celebrate literature in and around the South West.

Cornish Families on film, in sound and on record

For the first time in history, the oral traditions of Cornish families will be made available through a major multi media resource which explores Cornish identities and the way families in Cornwall interact.

Exeter researcher to develop coatings that kill superbugs

A scientist from the University of Exeter’s Cornwall Campus is part of a €3 million Europe-wide research collaboration to pioneer research into safer, more effective antibacterial plastics and coatings.

Bizarre bird behaviour predicted by game theory

A team of scientists, led by the University of Exeter, has used game theory to explain the bizarre behaviour of a group of ravens.

British butterfly reveals role of habitat for species responding to climate change

Most wild species are expected to colonise northwards as the climate warms, but how are they going to get there when so many landscapes are covered in wheat fields and other crops?

Fish guts explain marine carbon cycle mystery

Research by the University of Exeter reveals the major influence of fish on maintaining the delicate pH balance of our oceans, vital for the health of coral reefs and other marine life.

University team finds link between common chemical and disease in adults

A research team from the University of Exeter, Peninsula Medical School, the University of Plymouth and the University of Iowa, has found evidence linking Bisphenol A (BPA) to diabetes and heart disease in adults.

Exploring Cornish families far and wide

Discovering how families in Cornwall interact and exploring the characteristics of Cornish identity; forms part of a one day conference led by the University’s Institute of Cornish Studies, Cornish Audio Visual Archive (CAVA).

Study shows rise in dolphin, whale, and porpoise deaths

A study by the University of Exeter and Cornwall Wildlife Trust, published in the journal Biodiversity and Conservation, has revealed a disturbing rise in the number of whales, dolphins and porpoises found dead on Cornish beaches.

Exeter scientist warns: the carbon crisis is lethal for coral reefs

Major new research indicates that coral reefs will not survive the rapid increases in global temperatures and atmospheric CO2 that are forecast this century by the IPCC.

Environmental research of global significance

The University of Exeter is engaging in a global research project to improve understanding of environmental liabilities and risks associated with mining operations.

Chinese New Year celebrations

The Chinese New Year is the biggest and most important festival in China. 2013 is the Year of the Snake and is the sixth sign of the Chinese Zodiac, which consists of twelve animal signs.