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Research facilities and centres on our Cornwall Campuses

The Environment and Sustainability Institute

The University of Exeter's Environment and Sustainability Institute leads cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research into solutions to problems of environmental change; in so doing we are enhancing people's lives by improving their relationships with the environment. Read more

Camborne School of Mines

Camborne School of Mines is one of the world's most famous mining schools, working at the forefront of Geoscience subjects including deposit geology, geotechnics, minerals engineering and paleoclimate. Read more.

Ecology and Conservation

The Centre for Ecology and Conservation, based at the Penryn Campus, focuses on organismal biology. It is the fastest growing institute of its kind in the UK, and our internationally respected researchers work at study sites around the world, and facilitate teaching at the leading edge of research. Read more.

The Centre for Environmental Arts and Humanities

The Centre for Environmental Arts and Humanities brings together colleagues from across disciplines who are united by a common concern and challenge: the work of the arts and humanities in current debates around environment and sustainability, cultures and communities, narrative and representation. Read more.

The European Centre for Environment and Human Health

Based at the University of Exeter’s Penryn Campus in Cornwall, the Centre focuses on the interconnections between the environment, human health and wellbeing, specifically on emerging threats from climate change, chemical pollutants and antibiotic-resistant pathogens. Read more.

The Centre for Geography and Environmental Science

The Centre for Geography and Environmental Science on the Penryn Campus delivers innovative teaching and research on humans’ impact on the natural world, at a range of geographical scales, from local landscapes to global climate systems. Read more.

Science and Engineering Research Support Facility

This £5.5 million development is bringing pioneering business, science and engineering together at the Penryn Campus. It offers a home for the University of Exeter Business School, the Marine Renewables team, and the Centre for Ecology and Conservation (CEC). Read more.

The Institute of Cornish Studies

The Institute of Cornish Studies is a partnership between the University of Exeter and Cornwall Council, which combines academic research and teaching with community engagement. It seeks to promote a greater knowledge of historical and contemporary Cornwall. Read more.

The Microbial Ecology team

The Microbial Ecology team at the University of Exeter’s Penryn Campus is a large and thriving group of researchers who combine molecular, population and environmental biology and mathematics to study fundamental and applied aspects of microbiology and their societal and environmental implications. Read more.

Renewable Energy Facilities

Our unique facilities relate to ocean energy research, power systems and reliability and field studies. These have relevance both for fundamental research, industrial projects and for teaching purposes. The Renewable Energy Engineering Facility (REEF) houses an engineering workshop where students can design, build and test projects to support their studies.

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