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BICSc Cleaning Academy (The British Institute of Cleaning Science)

The BICSc Cleaning Academy opened in January 2010 and has successfully trained over 600 members of the cleaning team and successfully retrained all our staff every 3 years.
We were awarded “Excellence in Training and Assessment within an Accredited Training Organisation” from the BICSc Annual Awards 2017 for our commitment to understanding and compliance with the recommended BICSc Standards and best practices, and the exceptional commitment to the industry and training and development. We were also finalist for the same award in 2018 in addition to “Cleaning Excellence in the delivery & practice of Health & Safety through BICSc Training”

What is BICSc?

BICSc Licence to Practice (LTP) provides the foundation units necessary for a staff member to perform their cleaning duties safely and efficiently. This is an assessed qualification that is renewable every 3 years to remain qualified.

The BICSc Academy is managed by our Training, Safety & Quality Manager Paul Brookes, who was a finalist for Assessor of the year at the BICSc awards.
Paul completes all of the training and assessing of the courses.

 Paul works closely with the staff to:

  • Constantly improve the cleaning products we use
  • Improve the equipment staff have access to
  • Regularly audit cleaning stores against 5s Lean initiative to remove and reduce the waste within the work areas and store cupboards
  • Trial innovative technology in the training area and give staff the opportunity to get hands on with new products and machines and feedback their opinions

The Academy's aim is:

  • To improve the cleaning standards within the University
  • Set and maintain an international Standard for the level of skills the cleaning staff should have. This is called the ‘Cleaning Professional’s Skills Suite’.
  • To motivate and give recognition to those directly engaged on cleaning tasks
  • To provide BICSc training for all new staff members, and renew all existing staff members qualification

The 5 principal criteria of BICSc are:

  • Correct use of equipment & materials.
  • Safe use of equipment & materials with regards to yourself and other.
  • Care to the cleaning surface and surrounding environment
  • Care of equipment and materials being used.
  • Quality of finished skill, reinstatement of the area & process/items being used.

Contact Paul

More info for staff
Staff can book on the course using the book button on this page or more information is available on the intranet.